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50 Incredibly Clever Printed Ads

As all the TDM readers know, I’m a fan of printed advertising because in order to make one, you need a great dose of creativity.
In this article I have collected 50 superb examples that varies from eco ads and all the way to car manufacturers campaigns.

Volkswagen Touareg

ÖAMTC Austrian Drivers Alliance

IKEA: Store Opening

Citroën, motto: it pays for itself

Samsung, motto: Group shots, without group efforts. WB700 with wide-angle lens.


CNN, motto: Live from the source.

Penalty: The more you run, the shorter the distance.

Band Aid, motto: Winning hurts. Band Aid.

Bank Mellat: Economic weight in private banking

Porzellanklinik Duesseldorf: Porcelain Clinic

Viking Fertilizer, motto: For faster fruiting

American Cultural Association

Western Australian Office of Road Safety

Korea Elderly Healthcare Association, motto: The elderly suffering from depression are living on their deathbed. Help them be part of the national program.


Seat, motto: Altea Freetrack 4×4. Suitable for families.

Herlitz, motto: Cheap fun in the office

Liza Salad Dressings, motto: Make new friends. Eat more salad.

Foundation Against Drug Consumption, motto: You know where the fun begins, but not where it could end.

Gatos, motto: One life for a biscuit.

LG 3D TV: Superman

Volkswagen Touareg Hybrid, Oil Painting, motto: Beacause you can make something more beautiful from oil than petrol. The new Touareg Hybrid.

Good Night Mattress, motto: Fall asleep easily.

Mercedes Benz Trucks, motto: Built for a tough day.

Hot Wheels

Mercedes-Benz, motto: Shorten your reaction time. Break Assist PLUS.

Active Life Movement, motto: Meet online. Play outside.

Rowenta, motto: Gets everywhere.

IKEA, motto: Fixed prices all year long.

Gillette, motto: Take it all off.

Supradyn, motto: Without energy, everything feels harder.

3M, motto: Find your way. Post-it Flags.

Colgate, motto: A cavity ruins everything.

Halls, motto: Whatever you say feels a little bit better. Halls XS. Small but powerful.

Cif Kream, motto: Glaring Floors.

Ultimate Fighting Championship, motto: For a preview of the St-Pierre vs. Koscheck fight, open and close newspaper repeatedly.

Rotomac Pens, motto: The New MicroTech Fineline.

A La Farina Patisserie, motto: Always fresh.

Illy Espresso, motto: he kind of espresso James Bond would drink. While he was still Sean Connery.


TAM Airlines, motto: Fly faster. Check-in online.

Sultanes Baseball Team, motto: Knock the Routine out of the Park, Office

Ford Transit, motto:Transit 2011. Everything Fits.

Impuls Shoes and Clothing, motto: Any Road is a Runway.

Sal Sol, motto:It´s Marine, It´s Natural

Gati, motto: Made with fresh fish. Very fresh fish.

Sony cotton stick, motto: Anti-distortion HiFi. For a cleaner sound.

Road Cross Realities

Greenpeace, motto: Help us save what’s left.


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