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30 Extremely Well Made Advertisements

Advertising is an interesting business because you get to play with the consumer’s needs. Many people are not so happy seeing commercials because they most of them are overly exaggerated or they are hiding small details which are making the difference. Well, we shouldn’t generalize because from time to time we can see a piece of advertising which looks so good and clever than we can ignore their little promotional lies.

For an advertising to be great it must be bold, easy to read and memorable therefore if you want to hit the jackpot, you need to impress the viewer. The main mistake made by numerous either advertising agencies or clients is that they want to play safe: they don’t want their ad to be atypical or crazy, but rather fit in the stereotypes. Doing this could mean that your commercial will be immediately ignored by the viewers because they are tired of seeing the same things, hearing the same motto and wasting their time watching an ugly ad. You need to think outside the box, to improvise and to be unique if you want to make your product known.

In this article you can see 30 extremely well made advertisements which I’m sure you will like.


30. cool printed ad

Motto: Colors & clothes are meant to be together. Dreft

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R

29. cool printed ad

Motto: 0-100 in 2.5

Volkswagen Genuine Parts

28. cool printed ad

Motto: Just because it fits doesn’t mean it’ll work. Choose Volkswagen Genuine Parts.

Mira Guide Dog Association

27. cool printed ad

Hino Trucks 500 FG Series

26. cool printed ad

Motto: Passengers wanted. 500 FG Series. The longest in its category


25. cool printed ad

Motto: If you’re that rapper, just don’t. GQ teaching style to men.


24. cool printed ad

Motto: Don’t Text and Drive

Johnson & Johnson

23. cool printed ad

Motto: Kids cry, but it’s not the shampoo’s fault.

Chez Bonbon

22. cool printed ad

Motto: A secret for a chocolate.

Neo Rheumacyl Forte

21. cool printed ad

Motto: For unbearable joint pain.

Land Rover

20. cool printed ad

Motto: Visit landscapes that doesn’t need any app.


19. cool printed ad

Motto: For workache

Toy Donation

18. cool printed ad

Motto: Every toy can live again. Donate your old toys

Passa Fácil

17. cool printed ad

Motto: Tames even the unruliest fabrics


16. cool printed ad

Motto: Tiananmen Square happens every day on our beaches.

Earth 911

15. cool printed ad

Motto: Recycling saves more than trees

Don Pion flowers delivery

14. cool printed ad

Motto: Make an impression. Like Van Gogh did it.

Vital Kids Multivitamins

13. cool printed ad

Motto: Delicious gets the good in. Introducing the great tasting range of Vital Kids multivitamins.


12. cool printed ad

Motto: Clean laundry, even with cold wash.

Mylanta antacid

11. cool printed ad

Motto: Relieves indigestion & wind fast.

Havana Bar & Restaurant

10. cool printed ad

Hishgad Scratch & Win

9. cool printed ad

Motto: It’s not millions. But it’s a lot of money.

SEL Limousine

8. cool printed ad

Motto: Jaw-dropping. Make an adventure power packed

GNC Burn 60

7. cool printed ad

Motto: Fit lives longer.

Lavanderia Wash

6. cool printed ad

Motto: Deep cleaning for fine clothes

Mitsubishi Pajero

1. cool printed ad

Motto: Mitsubishi Pajero Full -When luxury meets the 4×4 technology.

2. cool printed ad

Motto: One click changes the story

Bike My World safe driving program

3. cool printed ad

Motto: It’s not about self confidence DeLorean

4. cool printed ad

Motto: The online Radio about cinema.


5. cool printed ad

Motto: Colors don’t mix. Steam System Electrolux. Keeps the color in your clothes


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