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40 Examples Of Very Creative Ads

Printed ads are getting better and that’s why I always search for fresh examples. As our readers know by now, writing articles about this type of advertising is on of my favorite things.  Without more introduction, below you can see 40 examples of very clever ads which I found in the last week.

Not Even A Speck of Dust

Don’t Waste Your Creativity

Healthy Brushing

Malta Lowenbrau

Stay With You

Go Beyond

WWF Snake

Your Kid Without Sugar

For a Fresher World

Caramel Honey Macadamia

Huge Processing Power

Awaken The Genius Within

Always Thirsty

Shoot Duck

Stairs in the Air

Faces Any Wrinkle

Wide Lense

High Quality Printers Arrived

Stihl Car

War On Garbage

The New Robotic Mower LMow

Flip A Coin

Extends Life

Indian Elephant

Wake Up

Wake up

Right Size for Your Needs

Designer Ice Cream

24x Optica Zoom

Action Inside

Soundproof Windows

In The Sea

Plug in Get out

Save What Really Matters

Get Your Projects Out of the Paper

Café 1820

Engineering Imagination

Let It Taste The Way It Should

Radio for Heads

100% Pure Lambswool


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