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30 Very Funny Print Ads

It has been a while since our last article about print advertising. As I always say, I think a print ad is harder to make than a video ad because you have only a limited space in which you can express the message. In this article you can see 30 very funny examples of prints. Enjoy.

Avia Motor Oil

Motto: Makes Your Horses Purr

Bodyguard mosquito repellent

Motto: You never know what happens when you fall asleep

Landtrust of Tennessee

Motto: The Ryman and Shiloh should not be the only hallowed grounds in Tennessee


Pizza & Love

Motto: We make pizza not global warming. 100% organic ingredients

Mason/Dixon Fish Rodeo

Motto: North vs. South vs. Fish

English Mastery

Motto: There are things that we can’t understand. Don’t let english be one of them.

Mitsubishi Motors

Motto: PX-Miev. It’s off-road. It’s electric.

Other Images

Motto: Every image you can imagine.Including the one you are looking for.


Motto: A fragile world needs a strong guardian.

Ford Motor Company

Surfrider Foundation

Motto: When we pollute the sea, we pollute for a long time. Help us to keep the ocean clean.

WWF Bluefin Tuna overfishing

Motto: Would you care more if I was a gorilla?


Motto: Easy to remove Coffee stains

Washin Optical

Motto: Bon Voyage

BMW Motorrad

Motto: Even angels give in to temptation.

Copper Gable Cafe

Motto: Your dignity is already gone. The Hangover Burrito.

Instru Optiikka

Motto: Age weakens even the sharpest vision.

Chupa Chups

Motto: For a smokeless world

Keo Karpin

Motto: No more hairfall problems

Coopertax SP

Motto: Don’t mix Alcohol and Driving

Fighting 4 Fitness

Motto: Your biggest fight is changing the way you eat.

Ford Troller

Y.R.G. Aids Prevention and Care

Audi TT

Motto: Choose your sky

EMS Express

Motto: Instant delivery

Magic Form Underwear

Motto: Feel like you are the only woman in the world

Pringles Xtreme

Motto: Dangerous Combination


Motto: Touch him. And you touch everything he’s touched.

Radioshack Batteries

Motto: Surprising power.


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