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15 Very Creative Printed Ads

I love good advertisements because they will always surprise me with their level of creativity. I believe that making a printed ad is way harder than a standard TV commercial because you need to send the message in just one frame, rather than in 30-40 seconds. In this article you can see 15 very funny and also creative ads that all the printing services would want to put on paper.


Motto: 100% natural decongestant. Sea water solution

Samsung Galaxy Xcover

Motto: Just like you’ve been there. Samsung GALAXY Xcover with GPS.

Government de Santa Catarina

Clue: Col. Mustard

Motto: Col. Mustard, with the Wrench, in the Library.

Neostik Glue: Medic


Motto: New Kawasaki Ultra 300. Power developed for the sea.


Motto: Break free from guilt.

Schneider Electric

Motto: Smile! You’re in camera!

Aspirin – Bride

Pilates With Gerda

Motto: Carrying too much weight?

WWF Desertification

Motto: Desertification destroys 6.000 species every year.

Continental SSR Runflat Tires

Motto: Whatever the road brings it keeps on going.

Sopalin: The art of cleaning

LG Mobile

Motto: 3D as you have never seen before: Without glasses.

Santa Casa

Motto: We have liked helping Terceira island for the past 500 years.





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