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Web Design Tips: Common Traps You Need to Avoid in Web Design

Nowadays, there are different companies on the internet offers template based ready made websites. People find it much easier to buy the templates and make some custom changes in websites. Thus, lots of people now try to design and develop their own website, but they neglect some important aspects of web designing that could direct towards the website failure. Here we will cover some very varied and generally complex topics to help you in designing your web site and avoid such mistakes that can cause a failure:

1. One of the major challenge and a big assumption mostly web designer could have is about the view of their site on different browsers. It’s not necessary if your website is looking perfect on your computer, it will look the same in other browsers as well. Therefore, you should test your website on other computer and browses like Internet Explorer 7, Internet Explorer 8, Firefox and Safari as well. It would be better if you could perform the testing on other machines too such as Mac. As Mac is the Linux based machine, so have a different rendering system and a browser. What if you don’t have a Mac or a Safari to test your website? Here you can find help from Adobe’s Browser Lab. It will give you screen shots of your site on different browsers, or another tool called premium Browsercam site, which will give you remote control of a computer, where you can check the visibility of your site on different browsers. Website’s resolution also has an effect on readability and usability on different devices like mobile devices and laptops or a desktop. If a device does not allow a zooming option and have a fixed size, the best solution you could have is to build your website fluid, so that it can automatically re-size according to the monitor’s screen width or you can make the width fixed maximum at 1000 pixels wide.

2. You can re-size the graphics based on the height and width property in the img tag by yourself, but it can slow down the performance of your site and also the visibility of image might get distorted. As a webmaster, you also need to formulate the transfer of data as smaller as feasible. Therefore, if you have scaled an image according to the height and width attributes but if it has not balanced certainly the browser will download the full size of image and consumes full space on the web and it may cause the picture looks blurred or distorted. You can use XNView or IfRanview to resize your pictures to have a better result.

3. There are several fonts that give uniqueness and cool look and feel to your website. But, here you should be very careful while using fonts. Use the fonts that look appropriate to convey your message. Different people have different fonts installed in their computer and if you are using a font that is not so common, most of the user would not be able to have the same view. These kinds of fonts could be used as a graphics and could be embedded through JavaScript, or could be used through a third party website like TypeKit or Google Fonts. Font style and size is also important in web designing, try to use 3 to 4 type of fonts and you could use different variations of these fonts in bold, italic or underline and fixed font size would be more appropriate to use.

4. Another important tip is to understand that the color scheme of your website should be relevant with the concept and content of your site. Just like if you have a business site to promote your professional services try to use decent color scheme instead of funky and flashy colors.

5. Now let’s talk about flash and animations. Although it’s really a best tool for design and animation but it’s not compatible with Apple Mobile devices and Firefox No script security plug-in. Adobe has lost it’s compatibility with Apple devices (PC World), thus now web designers need to rely on HTML5, JQuery, and CSS3 and other web languages to give the alternative for users.

6. For efficiently managing your content site map is becoming an important tool to help you to increase your ranking on search engines and managing your content easily as it helps to provide a centralized location to navigate easily all around on your website.

No doubt Web designing is a professional art to impart a good impression on your customers or users. Always keep the important points in mind while creating your professional web design particularly ecommerce web design before launching and tailor your site that suits to your user needs.


Bogdan is the founder of Top Design Magazine. You can find him in Bucharest-Romania so next time you want to drink a beer there and talk about web and stuff, give him a message.