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TemplateMonster is a Digital Marketplace Now!

Establishing of a good name takes an enormous amount of time and effort. Normally. It’s twice more when we are talking about finding own place at the web-design market.It’s booming, growing and going crazy last year. Every day new templates are conquering the world. If you are serious about becoming a huge success here – you have to keep up with it.

But where to start? Where should you find your loyal audience? How to start making money on it? Honestly, it’s never been that easy as nowadays. Hundreds of different possibilities are waiting for you to come and get them. One of them – using TemplateMonster digital marketplace. From now on, you can share your amazing works with the world and get up to 70% commission on that. Yep, you got it right.

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So how exactly can you make it work?

4 easy steps and it’s all yours! As soon as they are fulfilled you will become a vendor and start earning money on stuff you love the most – web-design. So, 4 steps, straight to the point!

1.Submit your author application. At this point, you will have to clarify which types of digital products you are creating and if you are interested in selling them in the marketplace.

2.Establishing a connection with your personal manager. Yep, starting from now you will have a person who will take of organization issues. Together you will decide all details about your files and payments.

3.Professionals from TemplateMonster will create a special page for you. You will get a notification once it’s ready.

4.The best one! Start earning money. Get commission from every sold template and become more and more successful every day. No explanation needed.

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Why TemplateMonster?

TemplateMonster it’s 15 amazing years of experience, millions of downloads, 60.000 different templates and around 6 millions of potential clients. Does it sound like a right place for your works? All you have to do is to create a good product.

Check out the video below to find out more!

You will get your benefits even if you are already cool and experienced web-designer. TM is one huge platform, which connects amazing talents from all around the world to make the Internet a better place. Join the team of professionals and get your first commission already this months and make your name famous!

What are the pros of being a part of TM digital marketplace?

First of all, promoting your products on website with huge natural traffic. Thousands of people will be able to see and fall in love with your amazing work! This way you will skip one of the most complicated periods of the whole web-design thing, finding the right audience. People are going to TemplateMonster for their own reasons, but they all want to find something special for their website. Be the one who will provide them with the template of a dream!

Up to 70% commission. It depends only on you and the quality of your creations. Be the best and you will get only the best, that’s easy. Another cool thing – clients will be able to rate your product and express their opinion on that. With their help, you can become one of the most-soled authors and learn non-stop!

You will also be the only one to decide if your product will be taking part in seasonal promo campaigns. Want to put a discount on your template – you are welcome. If no – they will be sold on a regular basis. You are really flexible in running your business with the help of TM.

It’s not all!

  • Vendors will get paid every 15 days.
  • You can decide to create products in different categories and sell them from one profile.
  • There are no limits for the number of uploads or products sent for review. Do as much as you only can. It only has to be good.
  • Exclusive/non-exclusive products – you can set only one account for them all. The only difference is the amount of commission you will get from every sale.
  • All your works will be reviewed. Faster than elsewhere. So you don’t have to wait weeks before getting a qualified answer. Plus you can always use the ticket system to get fast responses from the Review Team.


Great secrets of success at Digital Marketplace.

Just be professional and amazing. Love your work and stay hungry for new achievements.

And don’t keep silence! Tell everybody and everywhere about your great templates. Of course, TemplateMonster will take care of promoting your products through their channels. But if you are looking for something more – don’t hesitate to establish your blog, YouTube channel with some tutorials and useful stuff, never underestimate an influence of social media. Even being a part of affiliate program may be handy here.

Once you become a vendor you can decide everything about your selling on TM. Therefore you are the only one responsible for the money you will generate. Use this opportunity clever and brave, make your success truly stunning.


In the beginning, you may think it’s too much stuff going on. Keep up there, don’t forget this, and what about that thing…? Don’t worry, you will never be alone once you decided to become a member of Monster family. The personal advisor will always be here to help you and give all the answers you are looking for. Fast, professional support on every stage of your project!

Eager to learn more about the whole thing? Don’t miss the opportunity to get this E-book about Digital Marketplace for free! You will find some really cool tips inside!

Summing up

TM is growing every day and always happy to greet new talents! Don’t wait for any second more and join the team of amazing web-designers and developers, share your amazing works with the whole world, and never stop growing!

Exited about the whole idea of digital Marketplace? Share your emotions and thoughts with us! In case you have some questions – don’t hesitate to ask and get your fast answers.

Stay awesome!

Helen Miller

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