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Interesting Design Concepts That Will Surely Capture Your Attention

Design, even if it’s about graphic design, web design or industrial design it is one of the most important industry because it shapes out society. We create things based on our needs and then we refine these things based on our taste, our habits and and also by one important factor: our eyes.

There are two types of applied designs in the world: designs suited for something that we need and designs suited for something that we want. The products that we need are indispensable for a certain job, therefore you will always choose them for their features and practicality, nor for how they look. For example when you buy screwdriver you are not so interested on how it looks but rather about how good it is.

When it comes to products that we want, their look comes first and functionality second. This is where industrial design comes into play and where great things happens. Just like the iPhone, the concrete lamp or vertebrae staircase, products created without too many restraints are responsible for the evolution of products that we use.

In this article you can see a collection of some very interesting design concepts that I’m sure you will like. Which one do you like best?

Vertebrae Staircase


UFO Bathtub


Concrete and Leather Rocking Chair by Paulsberg


The Sound Burger: A Beautifully Simple Portable Record Player


Alien Abduction Lamp


Sony’s first TV, circa 1960


Juicy Salif


LED Tweezers


Hachiwara inspired kiridashi by Ru Titley Knives


Egg packaging


Cubic rubber-band


Motorola’s Moto X  – the first phone made using wood


Balloon Lamp by RAUM & PROJEKT


The Samurai Vodka Bottle

Glasses That Turn Your Cocktail Into Conceptual Art



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