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How to Create an Effective Christmas Catalogue

Christmas is a great time to promote your business. After all, people are feeling merry and are already in the mood to make purchases. Whether you sell toys or office supplies, you can boost your end-of-year sales with a Christmas catalogue. Read on to learn how to make a really effective one.

Decide what to include

First, you need to think about which products you want to include. Keep your target market in mind, and ensure the content speaks to their needs. You will sell things differently to a CEO than you would to a teenager, so use your target market as a way to guide which items you include and how you sell them. If you feel stuck, try thinking of the catalogue as a little store. Make sure you organize the products logically and think of product descriptions and other pages as helpful, knowledgeable but not intrusive sales staff. Then dress up the store with Christmas decorations to get everyone in a jolly mood.

Get a professional to photograph the products – with a Christmas twist

People will judge your products – and their quality – by the quality of the photographs you use. It is crucial therefore to get a professional photographer to produce the photos you use. You’ll want to have the photographer use Christmas props to give the photos a festive flair. Try adding a bow to a camera to suggest it as a present, or pop some candy canes into a desk organizer to bring some holiday cheer to an otherwise mundane product.

Write product descriptions

Product descriptions are the sales pitch of your catalogue. Never rely simply on the manufacturer’s description. You’ll want to use the voice your company would use in a way your customers would want. Tie the product to Christmas in some way, emphasizing the benefits over the features. For example, if you sell ionized hair dryers, it is not enough to simply point out that the hair dryer ionizes the air before it dries your hair. You have to explain that ions smooth the hair shaft, sealing in the hair’s moisture and leaving hair shiny and smooth. You can also mention that it dries hair faster, making it easier to get ready for those big Christmas parties.

Work on the design

This is one of the easiest ways to make your Christmas catalogue festive. Simply add a background of Christmas lights, wrapping paper or Santa to your existing project, and you’ve pretty much got a Christmas catalogue. You can also use holiday colours like green and red or blue, white and silver.

It is crucial to remember your branding, even in your Christmas edition. Put your logo and website address at the top of each page. Keep the design consistent with your regular design, so your customers will recognize it as yours. Also be sure to create a cover that catches the eye, maintains brand awareness and is Christmassy.

On the more practical side, think about the layout of your catalogue. You’ve already thought about keeping the products divided into logical sections, but you should also include a table of content and index. You should also think about how many pages it should be. You need to have a number of pages that is divisible by eight, so you may need filler pages. Great filler pages include a history of the company, a letter from the CEO and descriptions of how your company will be celebrating the holidays. You might also consider pages selling the benefits of your company, like a page about sales and promotions, a paragraph about your ethical credentials or a section on your quick, reliable delivery and low prices.

Create the mock up

Creating a mock up is the best way to double check that the design and layout so that your final project is exactly what you want. A mock-up will give you the time to refine things that don’t look as good in real life as they do on the screen. They will also give you a good idea of the product your customers will receive.

Print in good time

This is probably the most important step because if you don’t get the catalogues to your customers in time for Christmas, you are just throwing your time and money away. Check with your printer to see when you’ll need to have files in and ready to go, so that they can have the final printed version back to you in time for you to post them or have them delivered. You’ll want to get it to your customers by the beginning of November.

Still, keep in mind that you may need to have everything ready to go in autumn. Christmas is one of the busiest times for printers, and it definitely is the busiest time for the post office. If you follow all these steps, you should end up with a great looking catalogue that attracts more business over Christmas and will help you increase brand awareness and customer spending in the new year.

So, that’s it. The time is running so you’d better start working on it in order to be ready for Christmas.

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