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30 Great Examples Website Advertising Campaigns

In a recent study, advertising professionals were ranked the second-least-trusted professionals in the world, right after politicians. That’s sad, because not all ads are bad. There are many categories of advertising campaigns, and one of them is promoting a product by creating a special website. In this article you can see 30 examples of such sites.

Let’s Do This

Virus Hunt


Swedish Horse Racing

Flow Festival

Silhouette International Eyewear: 1.000 Letters Of Passion

CCSVI in Multiple Sclerosis: URL Story

Man walks into a barbershop


Saint Sprocket Prayer Card

Japan Saver: Screensaver

Red Bull: Street Art View

Rimac Insurance Replacement Driver Service: Anti Alcohol System

Greenpeace: The new Rainbow Warrior

Yota: LovePost


Compose your wishes for 2011

Axe: Shower-Navi

Yota: Bring the winter back

Clay Yourself

The Quitting Machine

Volkswagen: Sunday Drive

Diesel: Stupid search


TomTom – The Force

The Banner that Sucks

The Apple Boy

Black Sunshine Coffee: Pure black

Twitter tree Christmas card

Levine Children’s Hospital, Kohl’s








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