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25 Fabulous Resources to Learn Web Accessibility

2012 started with a global movement against SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and the debates between politicians and web users seems to be very hot. Briefly, SOPA is a good intention but it’s application surely will destroy the greatest feature of the Internet: freedom. It was impressive the cumulated efforts of the active giants of the web to convince the audience that the law will represent a new form of censorship, very dangerous for population. Hence, it’s obvious that all of us want a better Internet, a medium where everyone is free to post whatever he wants and people all around the globe may benefit from. Unfortunately, even without the application of SOPA many people can’t fully use the advantages of the Internet…and there is no banning from the governments or something similar. It’s the developers& designers guilt and it is called in web design terms, the lack of accessibility.

Web accessibility is the concept that represents the sum of ideas, methods, and techniques to make the websites to be easily used by everyone, no matter how gifted are from God or which kind of connection is used. To make a website more accessible isn’t rocket science but the process is never ending, always may be done a tweak to improve it.

The difficult part of the web accessibility is the multitude of details to take into account and is almost impossible to realize a 100% accessible website; a good part of the success recipe is based on multiple tests and fine-tuning across the time. Definitely, explaining what should someone do in order to make a more accessible website is the subject to many thick books but there are many online resources that threats each chapter of the accessibility very detailed and are very useful ways. This article has as main purpose to present the best resources to learn accessibility. Here are also presented some websites and applications where anyone may test the level achieved. (obviously, related to the accessibility).


There are the most complete resources to make any website more accessible. By learning all the information from here is impossible not to become a guru of web accessibility.


Is very good to know the theory behind this idea but is ten times more efficient to know how to effectively build an accessible online construction. This link is golden because here is an impressive list with some of the best tools to check and correct the accessibility of a website.


Here is another website where are posted lots of information about accessibility.


There are many aspects to cover when attempting to make a website more accessible and the advice from the experts is welcomed. Here are some cool ideas and well done explanations about this chapter and it’s almost a must read lecture.


Even if it’s only a single post, this writing is full of good information for any entry level individual into accessibility. It takes ten minutes to read but surely the time isn’t wasted in vain.


It’s a pleasant lecture, nothing too complicated, it is emphasized that accessibility isn’t hard to apply and beside that here are inserted some very interesting links.


Six Revisions is one of the best web design blog and the posts are much appreciated by the entire community. Don’t forget to check the articles about accessibility.


The American government is involved in making a better Internet and Section 508 is the recommendation of the USA government to create accessible websites.


By learning this course I am 100% sure that accessibility will be your strongest point when building websites. The cost of this course is incomparable to the information provided.

Awesome accessibility tools:

There aren’t many articles but the existent ones are very insightful and it’s recommended to check the latest posts as an optional lecture.

Awesome accessibility tools:


The interface of this application is simple and it’s hard to understand how to test a website. A positive aspect of this is the fact that is created by WebAIM (Web Accessibility in Mind), a leading organization into the accessibility world.


It’s a very good application that allows you by simply inserting the website address to check its accessibility. Etre is more than this and is better to visit it.


The design of it isn’t very attractive but it’s purpose is to highlight the mistakes related to accessibility. The report of the tested website is complete and gives important hints to improve it.


By passing this test, the website is clearly, accessible to anyone and the traffic isn’t restricted to any category of users.


If you are unsure about the previous validators, here is another one ready to help anyone test the websites.


Types are very important into the overall rating of a website but because these are small, the issues are many in order to make it very readable. This application is very helpful to select the best font and font-size.


The design may be easily critiqued and any bad remark about it is well based but the help in creating a better website is incomparable and totally deserves to be inserted in this list.


Simply but useful, it is doing almost the same as the previous two applications.


By checking all these tools is impossible not to have nice, elegant and readable paragraphs.


Colors and contrast between them are carefully studied by the specialists and this tool is awesome because allow testing the best solutions for the color combinations.


Another tool that is very useful in analyzing the chromatic scale of a website.


It’s doing the same job as the previous one but the report is more complete.


Many of us are using the latest versions of browsers but there are still people that for various reasons are using old versions or not widespread used browsers. A very useful tool to see how a website is rendered by various websites is Any Browser.


Here are many tricks and tools that will help enormously in making a very accessible website.



If someone is unsatisfied with these tools and resources then here are four times more links, it’s a time consuming research activity to find the best tools, but is mandatory in order to become an accessibility expert.

I really hope that this list will be useful and your websites will turn into universal accessible online presences.

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