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20 Useful Tutorials for Web Developers

Being a web developer is not an easy job because you must always stay up to date with everything related to this domain, but it’s impossible to know everything. The best way is to learn how to do it, but sometimes the time is not enough, so the best alternative is to search for a fast tutorial. This article was made exactly for this situation and in it you’ll find 20 very useful tutorials for web developers.

Create a Stylish Contact Form with CSS3 Transitions

In this tutorial you will learn how to CSS3 transitions in order to create a stylish contact form.

Cool Notification Messages With CSS3 & jQuery

Notification messages are an important part of the user experience and you can’t afford to omit them. A notification alert message should appear every time the user perform important tasks. In this article, you’ll learn how to create some alert messages with CSS3 and jQuery.

Migrating WordPress Across Hosts, Servers and URLs

Here’s a handy article for WordPress users: everything you need to be aware of when migrating a WordPress application across hosts, servers and URLs.

10 HTML Entity Crimes You Really Shouldn’t Commit

Let’s take a look at ten crimes you may be committing in your HTML content. These won’t exactly land you a life sentence, but I bet almost every one of us will be guilty of at least one of these petty crimes.

How to Convert WordPress Theme to HTML5

HTML5 offers many improvements and cool features that can be useful while using WordPress. In this tutorial you will learn How to convert WordPress theme to HTML5. Enjoy!

HTML5 and CSS3: Wireframing in the final product

This interesting article talks about the benefit of creating wireframes with HTML5 and CSS3 making the process a bit shorter.

Optimize WordPress For Heavy Traffic

As we go through this post, the methods we’re going to use will get increasingly complicated — start with the first and go as far as you can.

How To Use CSS3 Pseudo-Classes

CSS3 is a wonderful thing, but it’s easy to be bamboozled by the transforms and animations (many of which are vendor-specific) and forget about the nuts-and-bolts selectors that have also been added to the specification. A number of powerful new pseudo-selectors (16 are listed in the latest W3C spec) enable us to select elements based on a range of new criteria.

Better Check Boxes with jQuery and CSS

In this short tutorial, we will be creating a replacement for the default browser checkboxes in the form of a simple jQuery plugin. It will progressively enhance your forms but at the same time fall back to the default controls if JavaScript is unavailable.

How to Code a Stylish Portfolio Design in HTML/CSS

Follow this second part of the tutorial where you’ll code up the design into a fully working HTML and CSS website.

Beginner’s Guide to Custom PHP Functions

One of the most useful coding practices you will ever learn in PHP is the use of custom functions. Functions can instantly decrease the amount of time you spend on writing code and thus get more done quicker! In this tutorial, i’m going to explain what functions are and how they can be helpful and used.

Considerations for Mobile Design (Part 2): Dimensions

How are our layouts affected by the (usually) small screen sizes of mobile devices? How do we serve mobile layouts to specific devices?

How to Hide Content until Someone Likes Your Facebook Fan Page

FBML Tutorial showing how to hide content from Facebook users until they ‘Like’ your fan page.

How To Create Your Own Custom WordPress Theme

Follow this overview of the build process to create your own custom WordPress theme. This project will guide you through the entire process of building a basic WordPress theme.

Definition Lists – Misused or Misunderstood?

What are definition lists? When are they appropriate? And how to style them to look like tables, image galleries, calendar of events and more.

Create a Gallery with Rotating Image Popouts using jQuery and Raphael

This is more of a demo really showing what can be done when combining jQuery with Raphael. Learn how to create a nice looking image gallery where the images spin and rotate as they come into focus.

How To Create a Cool Animated Menu with jQuery

Learn how to build a cool navigation list complete with a sliding hover effect. Create the concept in Photoshop, lay out the basic HTML elements, style everything up in CSS then tie it all together with a few lines of jQuery to create a semantic, accessible and degradable menu design.

Display Tweets with the Tweetable jQuery Plugin

Tweetable is a lightweight jQuery plugin which enables you to display your twitter feed on your site quickly and easily. More than just displaying the feeds you can highlight @replys as well as links being dynamically generated for ease of use.

Keeping Web Users Safe By Sanitizing Input Data

Philip Tellis and Ellehauge detail out important steps for providing sufficient input validation/sanitization in your web applications.

Multi-column Text Using CSS3

CSS3 offers a new way to arrange text content using the Multi-column CSS3 module. This CSS3 feature will help you fit your text into columns without extra markup like div floats or extra table markup.



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