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17 Astonishing Minimalist Business Cards Designs

When creating a business card you have a few options to make a memorable little piece of information. You either make it using strange materials, unusual shapes, incredible attention to details, hilarious or minimalist. This post is about the last category which I believe is the most noble one. Why you may ask? Well, a minimalist look is helping the viewer see exactly what he wants, without being lost in intricate graphical details. He will spot only the name, address and contact number…right what a business card need to deliver.

Index Estudio

David Caso


Davide Gasperini


Jauretsi Saizarbitoria

Michael Blank

Joey Teehan

Irene Shkarowska

Frank Slangen


Gabriel Sama

Adam Murphy

Nadja Obradovich

David Boni

Emmi Salonen

Mayes Design


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