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Giveaway – Live Chat Software For Your Website (3 Licenses)

Having a website is great because you can tell the world what you think or what you offer, but the hardest part is to interact with your readers. Sure, you can use the commenting system but is this enough? I don’t think that the finest user interaction is by waiting for the admin to approve your comment and then waiting for someone to reply, so the best method to offer them a live chat where they can talk instantly. But is it possible to implement such thing on a website? Sure it is, with ArrowChat.

ArrowChat is an awesome jQuery-powered live chat software that uses PHP and mySQL to offer a huge list of features, such as:

Video chat – ArrowChat has the option to allow video chat via a flash interface. Enabling this option does not consume more resources.

Chat Rooms –  Comes with a set of features like password-protected rooms, moderators, kicking, and more.

Notifications – Users can get notifications like private messages and friend requests straight from the ArrowChat bar.

Full Admin Panel – Manage everything and anything with your bar. From disabling smilies to editing your theme’s templates – we got it all.

Real-time Status – The chat tabs and buddylist are kept us to date when users are typing, idle, offline, busy and more.

…and more but I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

All ArrowChat requires is simply mySQL (or MSSQL) and PHP running on your server and it is supported by a huge number of software applications such as WordPress, Joomla, phpBB, IPB, and more. Oh, and have I told you that it looks like the facebook chat script, so your users will already know how to use it?

So, if you want a fast and flexible jquery chat, then ArrowChat is the best tool available. Their prices are very competitive and they have packages for every budget.

The discount

– 10% discount to everyone how is using “TOPDESIGNMAG” coupon. This is available until 5/31/2012.

The giveaway

So, here’s what we are offering:

– 2 kick starter licenses ($45 each);

– 1 premium license($125);

The rules

If you want to participate on this giveaway you need to:

1. Tweet this message: Giveaway – Live Chat Software For Your Website (3 ArrowChat Licenses) from @topdesignmag

(You can tweet faster by clicking this link.)

2. Post a comment with your twitter id and twitter post.

The deadline

Winners will be selected randomly on 26 April 2012. Good luck to all.

The winners are:

1. Anthony Harris – premium license

2. Chris Claypoole – kick starter license

3. Najim – kick starter license

UPDATE: Due to the fact that I couldn’t contact Najim, the prize goes to josepj  (@hardly_davidson)



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