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A Short Guide to Influencer Marketing

If you have a business, you have probably heard about influencer marketing. It is quite a hot topic these days and people have suggested that this type of marketing is going to replace other forms in the near future. Well, that is more or less impossible because every form of marketing coexists together.

Nevertheless, given the popularity of influencer marketing, it should be worth to learn more about it. This article should work as a great guide to everyone who is eager in finding out more about the impact influencers have these days.


Influencer Marketing Definition

First thing’s first – the definition. Influencer marketing is often thought of as a hybrid of modern and old marketing tools where a celebrity or an industry’s authority promotes products or services on his or her channel. Brands and influencers work in collaboration.


Comparisons to Other Types of Marketing

The biggest question to answer is how this type of marketing fares again others. For instance, if you were to compare influencer marketing vs. content marketing, finding the definitive answer is quite difficult.

There are some companies which suggest that influencer marketing has a much more positive effect on their campaign whereas other brands are in a completely opposite situation.

As a whole, though, it should be noted that the two are quite different. Content marketing is meant to build authority and further value. Meanwhile, influencers are there to raise brand awareness and improve your social score in customer-manufacturer relationships.

The bottom line is that you should not look at these as separate entities and figure which one is the best, but rather combine the two together and take your business to the next level.



While A-level celebrities have millions of followers and are willing to sell out, hiring them as a starting business is more or less impossible. Instead, you could look to what is available in your niche, no matter how narrow it is.

Even someone with a few thousand followers can introduce a lot of positivity if their audience is actively engaging the content and has an interest in your products or services.


Finding Your Influencer

If you feel like you could gain a lot from working with an influencer yourself, you should not hesitate and start looking for one right away. There are plenty of ways to find one.

Social media is certainly the first thing that comes to mind. Instagram and Facebook have a fair share of influencers, but you can get in touch with a number of professionals on Twitter or even LinkedIn.

The more options you explore, the bigger your pool of choices becomes. After all, you want to end up with someone who can provide the most value.


Contacting Them

If you are not trying to get in touch with someone who has millions of followers, there should not be that much of a problem to expect a quick reply. However, some influencers tend to receive quite a lot of offers so it would be wise to butter up to them before you make the initial contact.

Engaging with their content is a great piece of advice. They are bound to notice you if you start sharing their content and leaving comments under it. And if they see that you are using a business account, it is possible that the influencer will be the one to contact you. This would give you more leeway in negotiations.


Types of Promotion

There are more than a few options when you are looking to promote yourself using influencers. You could allow them to take over your social media channels for a day, offer them free stuff for promotional posts, or offer various quirks and discounts so that they constantly mention you in their content. Also, if they have a blog, you could ask for an opportunity to guest post there.


Maintaining Relationships

It is important to maintain great relationships with those influencers who are trustworthy. Once you establish a partnership, it is highly likely that you will want to work together in the future. And if you can cooperate with the same person, the whole thing becomes much easier. Not to mention that finding someone new takes resources.

To sum everything up, this guide should give you a much better understanding of what influencer marketing is and how you can make use of it. If you have no prior experience with this sort of thing and have doubts, put them away and give it a try. A strong influencer could be the difference-maker for your business. 



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