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How to Use Influencer Marketing for Brand Awareness

Knowing how to use influencer marketing for brand awareness is a smart method many brands are using. While stores still have print ads, many people now go online to find the product or service they’re looking for. At the same time, more people are on social media than ever before. They have certain influencers they follow to see where they are, what they’re doing, and what they’re wearing. Many people want to be just like their favorite influencer, so knowing how to work with them on an influencer marketing campaign can greatly improve your brand awareness.

Widens Exposure for Your Brand’s Audience

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When you work with an influencer on a marketing campaign, you’ll be getting your brand in front of many new people. If your brand is small and only has 2,000 followers on social media, you’ll only be getting your posts out to a small number of people each time. However, if you work with influencers who have large followings, you can have a potential reach of thousands, if not millions, of people. The advantage is you’ll hit a different audience who may not have followed you originally but is not interested because their favorite influencer is posting about your company.

A common goal brands have for influencer campaigns is brand awareness, so having several well-known influencers post a picture of your product or talk about it in a video will increase the buzz around it. This will hopefully get you new customers that will turn into repeat customers, overall improving your company’s profit.

Gets You Positive Reviews

Momentum is built around your brand when an influencer starts talking to their followers and fans about how much they love your product or services. As an example, if a travel influencer discusses going to California through a sponsored post from the Visit California tourism board, their followers may start to leave suggestions on where to go and what to do. They may also be encouraged to visit California when they hadn’t originally thought about it.

Engagement is great for both the influencer and the brand, as they’ll start to get more comments and reviews that are positive from fans and customers. The influencer can even ask their fans to leave a review stating how the product has helped them once they bought it.

Creates Trust and Credibility

With so many different brands online, it’s harder than ever to know if you can trust them. However, people trust influencers, so they’ll trust what they share. When you work with an influencer on a marketing campaign, they’ll paint your brand in the best light, so it encourages others to trust your product or service as well. If their followers have any questions, they can ask the influencer and trust their answers instead of asking a brand they don’t know.

Using influencer marketing for brand awareness is a good way to expand the audience your company is exposed to. This will also get you more positive reviews to encourage future customers to buy from you.


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