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30 Fresh And Creative Advertisements

I’m so happy that the advertising agencies have a lot of creative people because I see great ideas almost daily. Unfortunately, most of them only on internet and not in the local newspapers/magazines. Anyway, in this article you can see a collection of 30 new printed ads which will make you smile.

Ariel – Attack Tornado

Suplicy Cafe – Employee of the month

Fenistill Gel – Be Burned

Toyota – New Streets

Otrivin – Pleasure of breathing

Bose – Be careful

Peugeot – Tired dog

ESPN – On couch every day

Voltaren – Because we do things

The Space Cinema – Real Experience – Don’t wait for a job to fall on you

Softlan – Feel when playing rugby

Decathlon – Nothing stops a runner

Pizza Planet – One pizza two different flavors

Yamaha Parts And Accessories – Your helmet bacteria free

Vodacom – Free calls between midnight and 5 am

Begendik Supermarket – Outrageous prices busted

Samsung – Keep your kitchen fresh

Cam – Children’s eyes

Kingdom Comics – Mites

Super Rich 1965 Company – Gain more

Bröker Security Systems – Security Systems Perfectly Integrated

Jeep – Take it outside

Road Safety Trust – Stay focused

Eagle Awards – Defend

Petrobras – Can make everything look smaller

Australian Surfer Sunblock – Only protects you from the sun

Ültje Crispers – Discover Africa’s spiciest secret

Nevex – Super Whitening

Prague 7 Municipality – Shit is not a cool brand

Hogle Zoo – The dinosaurs are here

Audi – Spark plug


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