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30 Creative Advertisements That Will Make You Buy Their Products

I love good advertising, especially if it is funny and daring because that’s when you can see that both the advertising agency and his client have good taste. The truth is that I love advertising with all its bad and good things, mostly thanks to the printed ads which are not so intrusive as video ads, and also because they are a lot more harder to make. A good ad is pretty hard to make because you need to make an elaborate research before going to the drawing table. In this article you can see a collection of 30 very creative printed advertisements which I’m sure that you’ll like.

24x Optica Zoom

Improved Chewing Skill

Touch him. And you touch everything he’s touched.

Farmers Insurance Work Injuries

Makes Your Horses Purr

One mistake can blow it all. Uno Stacko

New with rear view camera

Don’t let stains settle down

Protect your dreams

Don’t waste your creativity

Nothing escapes your mind

You Would Have Read It In La Provence

Only the exceptional last

Make it come out with Activia

I’m worn out

Any Road is a Runway

No escape for hair

One Life For A Biscuit

Think Sharp

Shit is not a cool brand. Clean up after your dog.

Did You Mean Astronaut?

15th Annual Chief of Police Dinner Gala


Keep the distance – Strong Brazilian Coffee

The Best Forecasts

The New Optimism

3M Lint Roller

Bed & Breakfast

No Trap of Hidden Cost

Getty Images Editorial. Images In Real-Time from the Olympics


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