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20 Very Useful CSS Snippets Which Will Make Your Work A Lot More Easier

Being one of the most important tool for creating web sites, CSS is highly required and used as many times as possible. Due to its popularity, you can find yourself spending a lot of time practically reinventing existing things such as menus, buttons and so on. This will not only give you a lot of headaches but will also eat your time, so why not start using snippets when it’s possible? In this article I have collected 20 very useful CSS snippets which come with a full demo and also with graphic and html resources.

Top Bar

20. web snippet

Mini Dropdown Menu

19. web snippet

Notification alert modal windows with CSS3

18. web snippet

Mac OSX-like animated folder with CSS3

16. web snippet

Simple Hover CSS Menu

17. web snippet

Responsive CSS Navigation Menu

15. web snippet

Toolbar CSS snippet

14. web snippet

Month Picker

13. web snippet

CSS Page Fold

12. web snippet

Form Alert Interface in PSD and CSS

11. web snippet

CSS Animated Buttons

10. web snippet

CSS Windows 8 Metro Buttons

9. web snippet

Dark and Light Dropdown Lists


Countdown flip clock CSS + jQuery


Share Buttons


Newsletter Sign Up Form


Facebook Notify Widget in HTML/CSS


CSS3 trendy retro photo effect


Custom CSS dropdown list


Beautiful Slider Interface



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