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20 Gorgeous Websites That Any CSS Developer Should Check Out For Inspiration

CSS is a brilliant “tool” that helps the web developer to create awesome designs and effects and furthermore, to change them afterwards easily and without the need of going deep in the code. If you are new to cascading style sheets then the best way to learn it is to visualize what you can achieve. Thankfully there are thousands of websites made with CSS, some of them are ok, some of them are not so good but a few of them are simply amazing. These amazing examples should be your inspiration in your learning process and you should try to create something similar, for education purposes.

In the showcase below you will find 20 extremely well made websites which implement a lot of CSS techniques in order to achieve stunning visual effects. Load them, look in their source code, see how the css works and try to understand the mechanics because this will help you a lot.

CSS is so important to a website that I really don’t think that there’s an alternative to it; sure thing, you can avoid it if you want but I can guarantee that you won’t be able to achieve the same level of quality without it. Furthermore, combining it with HTML 5 and jQuery will give you superhero skills and you will virtually be able to create any type of website as long as it doesn’t require a database.

So, check out the examples below and let me know what you think.


20. css web design


19. css web design

Nulab Inc.

18. css web design


17. css web design


16. css web design

O Dia do Baralho

15. css web design

Webplace Digital Agency

14. css web design

Miagui Imagevertising

13. css web design

Sánchez Romero Carvajal

12. css web design


11. css web design


10. css web design


9. css web design


8. css web design


7. css web design


6. css web design

The Dangers of Drug Driving

5. css web design


4. css web design

Studio None

3. css web design

Codetex Group

2. css web design

The Sign

1. css web design


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