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20 Hilarious Sport Related Printed Ads

Advertisers know that if they want to raise awareness or sell their products, they have to come up with a quirky idea that will have a big impact on the readers. Easier said than done. We’ve previously had a look at 50 most incredibly clever printed ads from all over the world, gathered from all industries, and saw that copywriters are full of funny ideas. Today, we’ll take a closer look at sports, namely 20 hilarious sport related printed ads.

Browse our hand-picked examples and let us know what made you stop and chuckle. Although all we see is a single photo, a lot of effort goes into producing a printed ad, which is why this entire collection is worthy of praise. However, some are funnier that others, and some drive their message across more cleverly than the rest. Without further ado, here are our picks of the litter.

1. ESPN Classic


Where men become Gods

2. Kingdom Of Sports


Fat can’t hide, Fitness for the people

3. La Nacion Sports Newspaper


I find myself buying sliced wheat bread just for a chance to win a trip to Germany.
What’s happening to you is called a World Cup.
The sports newspaper that knows how it feels every four years.

4. Puma


Forever Faster – Thompson

5. Sun


If you can’t play. Manage.

6. Oddset


All You Need Is an Opinion

7. French Football Foundation


In football, the only colour that matters is the jersey’s

8. Power Boots


X-II football boots from Power

9. Gold’s Gym


What you leave out of Facebook, put it into Gold’s Gym

10. Softlan Ultra


The easiest way to make the viewers remember your ad is to put a spin on a simply innocent photo. The team at work behind this concept chose a brilliant solution to make their motto heard and understood. Advertising at its best!

11. Ortoimplant Dental Clinic


All your teeth back in just 24 hours

12. MyBody Gym


It’s time to join MyBody Gym

13. Funktion Personal Training


Escape your boring gym

14. Indy Gym


The more you move, the closer they’ll get

15. Intersport


The shops for all the sport in you

16. Decathlon


18 lenghts in the pool, 2.95 eur

17. ATP Running Club


The safe way to start running

18. Fitness Network


Running prolongs life

19. Australian Football League


In a league of its own

20. Bengay


Immediate relief from muscle pain

Which one of these 20 hilarious sports related prints made out laugh out loud? For us, the jury’s still out on this one, since we feel they all manage to catch the viewer’s attention and make their point. Food for thought!