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When to Reconsider a Site Redesign: 5 Useful Tips

Are you thinking about getting your website redesigned? Here are five tips that may help you to figure out whether or not it’s time for a digital facelift.

1: How Long Has it Been?

One of the things that can really make your site wear on visitors is if it never changes. Sometimes, your design actually might be quite good and completely serviceable but it’s up for a very long time you can be sure that people will get tired of it.

If your site relies on having an image of being technically savvy, socially savvy or very much connected into the latest trends, redesigning your site might be a good idea. If you’re trying to build a site that features the latest viral videos, for example, you’re probably not doing yourself any good if it looks like it was designed before Internet connections were fast enough to even accommodate streaming video.

2: Old Graphics

Just as computer processors keep increasing in power at a rather steady rate, the graphics you see on the Internet keep looking better year after year. Graphics that are even five years old may not look very good compared to graphics that were designed six months ago. You may not need a complete website redesign, but take a look at your company logos, the images of your pictures and so forth. If they’re starting to look a little bit dated or, if upon switching to a better monitor or video card you notice that they don’t seem very good, you might want to talk to a website designer about having your site revamped.

3: Lots of New Content

Remember that there is a lot more to a good website than a pretty face. If you have a lot of new content that you plan to add to your website or that you have already added, you may have outgrown your navigation structure. Talk to a professional designer about whether or not it might be useful for you to redesign your navigation menus. Doing so can make the site much easier to use.

4: New Multimedia Capabilities

The complexity of the multimedia content you can include on a website without bloating it so much that it becomes unusable has increased tremendously over the years. Adding video to a website is really not a huge undertaking for a professional web developer and they can usually add it to your website in a way that will not slow down people’s browsers or Internet connections appreciably. If you’re not taking advantage of the multimedia capabilities of today’s Internet, it might be time to redesign your site.

5: Broken Features

If your website has any features, links or other elements that don’t function as they should, it absolutely needs to be redesigned right away. Websites that have broken features and links on them are hallmarks of amateur operations. It’s not that the company that originally designed your website is an amateur, it simply that users come to these sites and come away with the impression that the people behind them must not be very technically savvy or that they simply don’t pay much attention to their website.

These are all good reasons to consider updating your site, but there is another very good reason why you should go ahead and do this, if it happens to apply. If you simply feel like it’s time to do something different with your website, you very well may be right. Sometimes, a redesign can help your business to evolve by presenting a new public face and by giving you something of an opportunity to redefine your business. If you think it’s time, it probably is.


Bogdan is the founder of Top Design Magazine. You can find him in Bucharest-Romania so next time you want to drink a beer there and talk about web and stuff, give him a message.