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Take Full Command Of Website Design With Webydo

One does not simply design professional websites for clients. First of all, the communication between a designer and her client ought to be as straightforward as possible, so that the final product is accomplished in a timely manner and both parties are pleased. Secondly, this connection has been complicated by the indispensable presence of programmers, whose efforts support web designers’ creative ideas by writing code. Building a website via Webydo is free and entirely exempt from the technical aspects, which simplifies the whole process and allows designers to devote their focus to the creative essence of their job. Webydo is also offering 67% off the Yearly Premium plan with this coupon code – TopdesignMag067.


This online web design platform provides designers with a dashboard which operates on the same grounds as Indesign and Adobe Photoshop. Meaning that it grants all the necessary means to create a website from scratch, or start from a specific layout which can be modified at will. Any imaginable design tool is placed at the designers’ service, from freely available fonts, to the possibility of dragging-and-dropping videos, shapes, and texts, and E-commerce widgets to add online stores. For the record, all designs are converted into code which renders websites responsive to the display of most devices. Below is an excellent example of a Webydo website created by a designer in this manner.


Some of the most impressive features attached to this particular website creator include the fact that it employs two principal management systems: a Design Management System (DMS) and a Content Management System (CMS). The CMS is a strong and useful tool, as it allows designers to establish editable parts for when website owners wish to effect updates, because they can do that by themselves whenever it’s necessary without messing up beautifully crafted areas.

With the “Bills Your Clients” feature, designers can deploy invoices to clients for each and every one of their services straight from their Webydo dashboard. In addition, a user can replace the Webydo brand with her/his own logo on the clients’ login screen and CMS. On top of everything, a forum team gathers, discusses, and enacts new ideas coming from fellow designers, because Webydo is intent on acknowledging and meeting their users’ every need. In fact Webydo whole roadmap is being crafted by this open community.


Over 85,000 websites have been created through this website builder so far, and they are all provided with unfailing cloud hosting and top-grade servers from Akamai. Creating an account and then starting to set up one or more websites is free of charge (unlimited bandwidth, 15 pages, 1 GB storage), and as soon as designers press “publish”, they go live as Webydo sub-domains.


After websites have been given the seal of approval, designers may purchase a Premium monthly or annual subscription for them; the latter entails more sizable discounts and correlates just $9.90/month to publishing on one’s own domain, enlisting 2 GB of storage, unlimited pages & bandwidth. The subscription plans can be altered or cancelled at any time.

Finally, I need to draw attention to the fact that Webydo readers are privy to discounts redeemable by code TopdesignMag067.


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