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25 Great Business Website PSD Templates

Check the list of world’s richest persons. You will find that almost all of them will be businessmen. A day job of nine to five can, in most cases, do a little more than paying the bills. If you want to get rich, want to have a million dollars into your bank account, then you should choose to do a business. In business there is no upper limit to what you can earn. The harder you work and the more brains you apply the more profits you will make. But this is not necessarily the case in a day job. In a fixed salary job you will get the promised amount no matter how much work you have done in your office. Perhaps this is the reason why today more and more college graduates are turning to do freelance business instead of searching for a day job.

Now you can do business in two ways. Offline or online. Offline businesses have several disadvantages. For example you will have to rent a space, hire some workers, pay the bills of your shop, etc. On the other hand in an online business you can set up your site at a very nominal cost, even for free. All you have to do is choose a platform, select a template that suits your business, insert your text and images and viola. You will be up and running.

To help you select a good template, below I have collected 25 excellent PSD business templates. Scroll down and have fun.


 Fashion Shop


Eco Business




Hotel Prague


Fallout New Vegas

Smart Business


Devise Apps


High Point Design


Minimal and Modern Portfolio Layout


Professional Business Site




Pink Theme


Creative Studio


Blue Business web template




Your Doctor


Business Group






Urban Architecture


Blue World


Animation Studio


Seo Planet






I hope the above templates will help you design better websites and earn more money online. Let me know in the comments below which of the above you liked the most.

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