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20 Very Creative Logo Designs Based On Animals

One of the most important asset for a brand’s identity is the logo, and its creation requires a lot of work because the whole business can depend on it.  Deciding on inserting an animal image on a logo design can be a little tricky because you need to know what that animal means. You need to be careful that it represents in all the cultures where your product will be promoted.  Drawing a logo based or with an animal in it, must be made extremely clever and in my opinion, that animal must be as a concept rather than a realistic image. Also, you must know the basic representations and projections of animals in our world. For example, a lion represents strength, a sheep being synonymous with sleep, a owl with wisdom or an eagle with freedom. So if you ever have to create a logo that includes an animal you will love this round up of some of the best animal logo designs  that you can find.


Owl sound


Infinity cat


Happy Fish





Gentle fish

Carp Clench


Rhino Air

Blue Phant Dental

AYE! Sushi


Blue Sparrow

Pet Shop Goods


WildLife Studios



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