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30 Inspirational Logos Based On Sharp Lines

The logo is extremely important for any type of business because it creates a visual signature which helps the user or the consumer recognize the brand. In order to be effective, a logo design must be able to be memorable. Achieving this state will not only boost the advertising success but also the awareness created by the brand. If the logo is easily to remember it means that the potential buyer will be more likely to choose it.

There are so many ways of creating a logo that you can’t just use a guidebook in order to make one. Sure, there are some vital things to consider such as colors, fonts or images but in order to make a good logo you need to be extremely creative and extremely careful.

In this article you can see a collection of 30 gorgeous logos based on sharp lines. This type of design is preferred when you want to emphasize something like a detail or an idea but you don’t want to make the design too complicated.

Sharp lines also makes it easy to reproduce, which means that the consumer can wrote it down for example for later use of your products.

Pivotal Capital

1. logo design

Fish Codex

2. logo design


3. logo design


4. logo design

Commercial Bank of Africa

5. logo design

Solipsistic nation

6. logo design

Bear & Bone

7. logo design

Love letters

8. logo design

Lingua Viva

9. logo design


10. logo design


11. logo design


12. logo design


13. logo design

Wine Castle

14. logo design

Compare Sweed Building

15. logo design


16. logo design

Design Museum Boston

17. logo design

National Museum Warsaw

18. logo design


19. logo design


20. logo design


21. logo design

Off Book

22. logo design


23. logo design


24. logo design

Lampka Win

25. logo design


26. logo design


27. logo design


28. logo design

National Photography Month

29. logo design


30. logo design


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