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Web Development – Tips and Tricks on How to Stay Productive

With thousands of people learning the art of web development, many of them are faced with the challenge of being able to excel and rise above the competition. For one to remain an indispensable part of this ever-growing technological evolution, one has to master the art of being highly productive. 

Web developing tasks require deep work. If one does not exert efforts on improving his ability to be productive, he could be left behind not just by his competitors but by the advances in technology as well. Geoffrey a web developer at Loud Programmer highly recommends web developers to find ways to have uninterrupted time for extended periods. Do this if you have the desire to be the best in the world of web development. Keep in mind that the quality and not just the quantity of your output will increase when you start to get used to staying productive for longer periods of time. For as long as you are a web developer, no other skill is more important than your ability to stay productive. But, how should web developers stay productive? The following tips and tricks will prove to be helpful. 

Take the time to refactor.

This is when you need to go back to your list of dirty codes and then start cleaning them. Refactoring is more important than trying to create a new feature. Code refactoring is the term used to refer to a controlled technique that improves the design of one’s current codebase. This involves the application of small transformations that are considered as “behavior-preserving”. Oftentimes, these small transformations are deemed as too small, so many web developers choose to just forego such process. But, when these transformations accumulate the effects can become quite significant. When you take them bit by bit, you will greatly lower the risk of creating errors. So, to make yourself more productive, take the time to review your existing codes and then make improvements to it without affecting the functionality of each code. This process may seem too challenging but it will prove to be more difficult if you’ll have to do it under the pressure of knowing that a bug has triggered it. 

Make sure to use the right PMS.

The right Project Management System (PMS) would be very beneficial for web developers to stay focused and highly organized. It will also help them communicate better with their team members and other people in their network. This project management system greatly helps web developers to save time because they do not have to send separate emails for every person that they wanted to communicate with for all work-related concerns. Besides, these project management systems also come with several useful features that allow them to integrate it with their existing software. Examples of these may include Trello and Github.

Learn to minimize distractions.

Web developing is a skill that requires deep focus to enable the brain’s myelin to have enough time to thicken. This way, those brain cells will also be able to put together those codes and ideas you have in your head while in the process of web developing. Before you start working, do not forget to turn off the notifications first. Although your email, Slack, Skype, Twitter, Whatsapp, and Facebook are all helpful, but when their notifications prohibit you from focusing on your work, better turn it all off. In fact, a Michigan State University Study revealed that any distractions that last 2.8 seconds are already enough to increase your tendency of making a mistake in your task at hand. In other words, distractions, no matter how short they may be, is still a distraction. So, turn off all these distractions and you will surely be able to get more tasks done compared to when you have to pay attention to what those notifications could be telling you.

Learn to respect your own productivity time. 

Your productivity level largely depends on you. So, do not rely solely on what these software, applications and other productivity systems can do to increase the number of tasks that you get accomplished in a short span of time. First of all, you have to be firm about respecting your own work schedule. If it’s work time, let your friends and colleagues know that you need to concentrate and that you won’t be able to entertain any other non-work related stuff. As much as possible, show your colleagues, office mates or family members at home some friendly cues telling them that you are concentrating. This could be in the form of a blank sheet of paper with the words printed in bold that say “WORK MODE: Please don’t interrupt”, or a simple “DO NOT DISTURB” sign. This may seem a bit of a challenge in the beginning, especially when other people are used to distracting and interrupting your work time. But, eventually, they will also get used to seeing you posting those work mode signals. 


The demand for rockstar web developers is higher than you think. But, success in this field will remain to be elusive if one does not learn how to become highly productive. Start being productive now by following all the tips and tricks mentioned in this article. 



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