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UK Online Business Post-Brexit

We know there are going to be changes. If our hosting and other online business expenses are priced in sterling and governed by UK laws, there is a lower risk of being bitten on the rear end. The safest option is to buy British.

Can you pay in sterling for everything and remove your exposure to fluctuating currencies?

Yes, you can.


Hosting your website is a major part of your online business spending, and laws regarding data storage and use are likely to tighten over the coming years. Your company is subject to British law, so your data storage and website need to be on a UK web hosting service.

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LCN   (See screenshot above) is one company to include in your research. Servers and postal address are in Stevenage, Hertfordshire: Every part of the company is in England, including the all-important support department.

Hosting your website in the UK means you are not subject to intrusive US government data spying. UK support is essential so you get to talk to support staff who can follow your meaning and who you can understand in turn.

Copy Writing

A good copywriter speaks all versions of the English language, but it is still better if you get a native British English writer. That way, you, your writer, and your clients can all communicate more efficiently.

For a website to generate leads and sales, your copywriter and web designer need to talk to each other, which is infinitely simpler if everyone lives in the same country, shares a common reality and has the same public holidays.

Brian McArdle from Newry, Nia Campbell from Cardiff, Karen Marston from Edinburgh, and Sarah Turner from Putney are just four copywriters from around the UK who could make the difference to your business.

Website Design

Website design is a recurring expense as you update your site every few years. Support our local designers who invoice in pounds, work the same hours you do and have accents you can comprehend (most of the time).

You will find lots of British design talent you can choose from in all four corners of the UK; Inkbot Design from Belfast, Rhys Welsh from Cardiff or Tweed Solutions from Kelso in the Scottish Borders.

If you are using WordPress, you can use any UK designer to customise your theme at a fraction of the cost of designing your site from scratch.

Email Management

Email marketing is undoubtedly useful, but it’s pricey and paying in dollars makes it worse if your accounts are in sterling.

There are home-based options that you don’t read about very often in the US-dominated Internet.

Email Blaster has its HQ in Towcester, and New Zapp is in Exeter, and that’s just a few of the options available to you after discounting the sites with flashing colours and other poor design features.

Social Media Management

If you are in the UK and your customers are here, then it makes sense to use a social media management company that is based on these shores as well. That way everyone talks the same language and shares the same culture.

Here are a few to start you off in your search for the perfect social media management company to partner with; Team Social has offices in London and Lowestoft, Giraffe Social Media is based in Portsmouth, JC Social Media are in Birmingham, and Crocodile Social Media is based near Southampton.


There are a few things you can do to help your search engine ranking, but a specialist SEO company can do a lot more. There are British SEOs you can work with: the Bradley Web Group in Omagh, Creative Wales in Bangor, Craig Campbell SEO in Glasgow, and in Harrow.

Long Story Short

Finding UK suppliers in some areas is difficult and is made harder by UK companies pricing their services in US dollars. Web hosting and design services to partner with are easy to find, as are copywriters and social media management companies.

Your accounting is straightforward if everyone talks in pounds, shillings and pence: If the pound falls and you have bought services priced in US dollars, you will pay more. Hiring Brits removes that risk entirely.


Bogdan is the founder of Top Design Magazine. You can find him in Bucharest-Romania so next time you want to drink a beer there and talk about web and stuff, give him a message.