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The Best Examples Of Our Favorite Design Trends in Action

It’s a well known fact that every given period of time has its very own web design trends to define it. Owing to this fact, we’ve had quite a few articles right here on Top Design Magazine where we discussed the most influential trends of 2014, the budding trends of 2015 and more.

However, just because a certain trend or another is recognized by the design community, that doesn’t necessarily mean that all designers jump on the band wagon and start using it in all their work. Equally, just because a certain design element is popular, it doesn’t always mean that it’s applied with the same level of success on different websites.

The discovery of, one of the best examples of parallax scrolling I’ve yet to see, by one of our staff members, got us thinking about the best websites that we’ve seen employing some of our favorite past and present web design trends. So, without further ado, here’s our list.

1. Parallax scrolling

Parallax scrolling is on design trend that can trace its routes back to the first animated series and the first wave of video games. What it basically entails is keeping your background image fixed while you move foreground images in order to achieve the illusion of movement. Naturally, this technique isn’t fit for just any type of website, but the ones who make the best use of it are as follows.


Ice and Sky


2. Interactive background

While I wouldn’t  go as far as saying it is an actual trend, interactive background in web design can sometimes yield amazing results, as the following websites can attest.

Super Top Secret




3. Full screen videos

A trend that finished 2014 in full swing and it’s still going in 2015, full video backgrounds are probably one of the latest web design trends that can only be properly enjoyed on computers. One of its biggest achievements was being chosen as the design for PayPal’s home page.

Inside Abbey Road


Jack Daniels Bar Stories


4. Hand drawn designs

I admit that this is one of my favorite web design trends. Mostly due to the artistry and esthetics involved, but also because I have a very healthy respect for any artist who is capable to achieve the level of detail needed in order to get truly impressive results.

Mint Design Company


Jesse Willmon



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