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TDM Contest: Win a brand new 13inch MacBook Air

TDM has grown since the last contest. We have more articles, staff has increased,  we made many new friends and partnerships have doubled. We could not manage any of this without your help, so again we want to show you our  gratitude.

In case you haven`t  noticed until now, we are Apple fans so what could we offer as a prize in this contest? Of course, another product of theirs.

The rules are simple and here`s what you must do to participate:

RT this contest on Twitter (using the top Tweet button) and then reply with your username on this article.


Post this contest on your site and then reply with the link on this article. The contest will last one month (January 2011) and the winner will be chosen randomly.

The prize is a 13 inch/128 GB MacBook Air

You know the drill, just like before: we will pay the delivery + customs duties but no more than $ 100. If it costs more than $ 100 you’ll pay the difference.

Good luck and may the force be with you!

TADAAAM (*drums*)…….THE WINNER IS………@johncarny!

Congratulation stranger, we hope you will enjoy your new MacBook! Don`t forget, if you don`t send us an email with your address in the next 14 days, we will give the prize to somebody else (again, randomly picked).

When we will raise money for a new prize, we will make another contest so don`t be sad if you didn`t win.


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