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Review: Get Very Cheap Stock Files From Lootback

Stock files usually cost a few dollars. You can get a quality image, a vector art, a video or audio file for a few dollars. But when you are purchasing a subscription, you are in a way purchasing a bulk of files together and hence the total can go up to some hundred dollars.

As a website owner you already have a lot of expenses. You have to pay for web hosting, domain names, anti virus program, Internet connection, etc. If you can cut some amount from stock files you can invest that money elsewhere.

Then there have been cases when a person bought a stock file from one website and then after a few days he discovered that a very similar file was being sold on another stock website for a cheaper price.

Both these problems can be solved by Lootback.


Lootback is a website which is intended to help you find stock files easily and at cheap prices. Here is how the site works.

Search for stock files from a single place

Lootback has partnered with some big names in the stock industry. They include iStock, Shutterstock, Thinkstock, Envato, and Deposit Photos. Lootback has created a unique search engine which lets you search through stock files amongst all the said names right from a single search bar.

So you don’t need to visit every single website and enter the same keyword again and again to search on different sites. You can do all that from Lootback’s search tool which will save you on a lot of time and energy.

For example when I searched for the keyword “Facebook” on Lootback I got the following results page.


You can click on any image you like and you will be taken to the purchase page. Then you can buy the file at a discounted price. Which brings us to …

Save money on purchases

Lootback allows you to save money on the stock files you buy through a two-fold process.

Firstly when you click on a file you will be displayed a coupon code. You can enter the code and make the purchase and you will receive a discount.

Then you will also receive a percentage of the total cost as a cash back. It will be deposited into your account through PayPal.

Sounds too good to be true? Well here’s their secret.

The merchants they work with pay them a commission when they send customers to them. Lootback then splits that commission between themselves and you the consumer. Hence you both profit from the transaction.

This cash back normally shows within 12 hours of the purchase and it takes anywhere from 7 to 90 days to cash out your cash back.

You won’t get any such benefit if you go directly to the stock websites and make the purchases. You will have to sign up on Lootback by creating an account and make the purchases by logging in.

So go and take a look and let me know what you think in the comments below.


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