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6 Mobile Apps You Need to Know About

It’s pretty clear for everyone nowadays that your mobile phone is the one thing you cannot leave the house without. Going one day without your phone maybe so terrible most of us shudder to even consider it.

But, going beyond the whole teenage girl ‘Oh, I’m so totally addicted to my phone’ phase, our mobile phones have gotten so useful nowadays that they’ve become an integrated part of our daily routine. And I’m not just talking about instant messaging and actual calls, no, I’m talking about the tons of amazing, useful apps that you can get on your phone that make your life so much better.

  1. My Diet Diary by MedHelp


This app lets you keep track of all the calories you’ve eaten as well as the ones you’ve consumed. On iPhone it integrates directly with Apple Health App, so it has access to all your exercise information and it allows you to easily add your meals, the amount of water you’ve drank and the amount of time you’ve spent exercising daily. It also allows you to set your goal weight, whether it’s to gain, lose or maintain your weight and it keeps you up to date on how you’re doing in regards to your goal. It also looks very cool.

  1. Tandem Lane by TandemLane, LLC


Tandem Lane lets you send your very own personalized postcards to anyone for free. All you have to do is choose a photo from your gallery, upload it, add your note to it and click send. It’s the perfect app for sending postcards to your loved ones without the hassle of finding the perfect one or searching in vain for a post office where you can actually email it.

  1. Help – get things done by HELP Inc.


It’s the perfect app for people who tend to be a bit scatter brained (points frantically towards herself) and who need help getting through their ‘to do’ list every day. What Help gives you is instant access to a real person who will act as your assistant and will do what you tell them to as long as it’s legal and can be done remotely. Only downside to it is that it currently only operates in the US.

  1. Uber by Uber Technologies


By now almost everyone has heard of Uber, the new way of getting around in your city. What it basically does is provide you with car rides, car pools and, as some legends would have it, ice cream. It’s cheaper, faster and nicer than a cab, trust us.

  1. TripAdvisor by TripAdvisor, LLC


Known as the world’s most popular travel app, TripAdvisor is probably your best choice when in need of fast information about a restaurant, a place to sleep or even somewhere interesting to visit while you’re in a new town or even in your hometown. So many people are using TripAdvisor right now, you’re sure to find useful information and informative ratings.

  1. Skiplagged by Skiplagged, LLC


The app for finding the cheapest flight from point A to point B. Just go to their website and you’ll see they’re so good at finding you the best flight money wise, United Airlines actually sued them. It’s perfect for when you have to plan a trip in a hurry.


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