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The Mindset of an Award Winning Web Design Agency: Splendor Design Group

The mass media promotion of do-it-yourself website creators has birthed entitled, under-educated consumers who assume online marketing is a fixed cost, easy to do, and can be done cheaply. With any business, price and value are intricately connected. A bottle of wine can cost $5, or $156,450. If wine can multiply it’s perceived value 31,000X, can the same be done for a website? This was the question Adam Taylor, CEO of Splendor Design Group in Red Bank New Jersey asked. As a pioneer in early web technologies, Adam and his team have created visually stunning websites with custom user interfaces over the last 16 years. The logic behind going extreme high end, and custom, was a “Bouleversement”, a French word meaning a complete reversal from the way things were. While everyone else was painstakingly making websites simpler, cheaper, and less unique, Adam and his startup began to build websites with more functionality, storytelling, branding, and a memorable user experience.

But I can Build My Own Website for $XX


The economy is founded on specialization. While it’s possible to be adequate in multiple disciplines, it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert. With a finite amount of resources (time), humans turned to principles of services, allowing farmers, doctors, lawyers, plumbers, and artists to co-exist in a system of mutual benefit, a shared economy. The man who attempts to grow his own food, service his own car, represent himself legally is not only losing money due to spreading himself too thin, he is also most likely performing these tasks at a much lower proficiency level than his counterpart – the specialist. While web builders and premade templates have significantly lowered costs, they have also misinformed the public on what it requires standing apart from competition. Henry Ford said “Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.” He could easily have skipped mundane quality controls to lower costs; the end user wouldn’t be privy to this information, but would negatively be affected when the car broke down. Fast forward today, doing the right thing can be hard to see, because it takes one to know one. In regards to web design, the devil is in the details. Is it easy to navigate, visually-appealing; does it tell a story, entice action, build trust and rapport? There are thousands of subconscious ques on a proper webpage. Adam, much like Henry Ford, knows doing the right work isn’t easy, but it’s the only way to get closer to the ethereal “best” or excellence all professionals strive to obtain.

Website is Built So I’m All Set for Success!


Passive investing, no-work push button systems and a website which is “done” all fall into the child-like fantasy of set-it-and-forget-it. Laziness is a natural part of the human condition; the false sense of neatly checking off a box for “need a website”, can have devastating consequences. The most obvious is lack of eyeballs or traffic generation. If a website is built to convert cold traffic into warm leads, and warm leads into life-time clients, the only way it performs its function is if new visitors are engaging with the website or brand online. ROI, return on investment is an over-used buzzword phrase, but if the initial money and time were spent to build a website, it naturally only follows it should be supported through a concerted effort to garner new, targeted prospects. Over the years’ tactics have changed but principles endure. Adam Taylor and his team leverage time-tested, proven mediums to effectively generate organic interest, research, trust, and buying for clients in various industries. Having worked with local governments and secure healthcare networks, Splendor Design Group adheres to industry standard best practices, never taking shortcuts to manipulate search engines, or falsely generate hype around a client’s brand. Whether SEO, direct mail, or media buys, the team focuses on high end work which yields high end results. While fly by night competitors attempt to spam the web and take shortcuts, Adam’s team takes solace in the fact they plan on being in business another 16 years from now, a point which is appreciated by true brands who demand a white glove approach in all promotional efforts.


Bogdan is the founder of Top Design Magazine. You can find him in Bucharest-Romania so next time you want to drink a beer there and talk about web and stuff, give him a message.