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Machine Learning in Design – Advantages it Brings

Unless we know how to use design tools and programming, the power it brings is useless. Machine learning is what simplifies the design tools, yet maintains their capabilities to the optimum. Let’s not forget that coming up with an authentic and innovative design takes time due to all the decisions involved.

Most clients will not go to design experts who use pre-made templates but rather a creative designer who will come up with something customized and unique. In this case, you need to know how to hire a machine learning developer – ActiveWizards for your needs as a designer. So, what are the benefits of incorporating the machine learning in your design work? This publication will highlight the popular ones.

Help in decision making

Machine learning in design helps the designers to make decisions quickly and easily. When they are given a project, they may immediately create the picture you had in mind, or they may start from a blank slate. However, they must deliver an end product. Machine learning analyzes the data they have been given, just like email filters SPAM messages through a set of variables, and finds the best options. With the main pointers in place, the picture of how the final product will look becomes clearer.

Matching the right tools

Designers use tools to execute their work. This includes various software with different capabilities. Since most clients do not want the pre-made templates, it is up to the designer to decide which is the easiest and the best tool to use. For instance, when a company describes the type of a logo they want, you can run the description data on your computer with a machine learning capability to tell you the right tools to use.

Helps to design through explorations

Designers are not superhumans. They are creative in their own capacity but may lack the methodology to apply their ideas in a design work. Machine learning allows the designers to apply the dimensional reduction system to explore more options in their work.

The algorithms will, therefore, position the variables on a map in a sequence so as to find the ones that relate to one another. The variables may reveal something of interest to the designer. This kind of exploration has been used to create authentic design work that we see all over the world.

Design by description

We have all seen some designs with text that just fits too well. If one designer can be perfect in over a thousand pieces of work they have done since they started, then we can say they are just too talented. However, machine learning can still help those who may not have that kind of talent to improve their designs.

The machine learning technique brings together, in a low dimensional format, the words that are closely related in meaning and have a relation in wording. This way, designers can make an illustration with street addresses or any other text.


Machine learning has indeed helped to shape the design work all over the world. This revolution can help designers work fast, make better decisions and most importantly, remain authentic every time.


Bogdan is the founder of Top Design Magazine. You can find him in Bucharest-Romania so next time you want to drink a beer there and talk about web and stuff, give him a message.