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Learn How To Develop A WordPress Theme From Scratch

In this article you have resources for creating a WordPress theme in Adobe Photoshop and converting the theme from .psd to .html. You will also learn how to make your own testing server with XAMPP, how to start coding the theme and how to see the results in seconds. After that, you will learn how to make a multilingual version of your theme and also how to create a mobile design for it.

First of all, you should read the WordPress Codex, especially the Theme Development section. After that, you should check out these tutorials.

Design a creative clean blog theme in Photoshop

PSD template to WordPress Theme from Scratch

In this tutorial the author will  guide you in the process to transform a Photoshop PSD template to a complete XHTML and CSS site build. In the process you will learn how to slice the PSD, how to reproduce some photoshop layer styles using CSS3 and how to easily implement CSS sprites.

Using XAMPP for Local WordPress Theme Development

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to install and configure XAMPP for the desktop. Once that’s out of the way, you’ll install WordPress so that you can have your very own professional, light-weight PHP and WordPress development environment.

WordPress Theme Frameworks explained

A theme framework is a theme that is designed to be a flexible foundation that can serve as a parent theme for building child themes. While not for everyone, they bring good value to the WordPress themes community through quality code and lot’s of child themes.

How to Code a WordPress 3.0 Theme from Scratch

In this tutorial the author is going to show you exactly how to code a WordPress 3.0 theme from the ground up to take advantage of all of these new features, as well as create a blogging-ready, minimal theme.

How to Create a WordPress Theme from Scratch

This tutorial will look at taking a HTML/CSS template and turning it into a functioning WordPress theme. There is so much you can do when creating your own theme we couldn’t nearly cover it all. So, you’re going to look at how themes are structured, creation of the core files and splitting up that index.html file.

Designing for WordPress

This  is a three-part series which covers downloading and installing WordPress on a server all the way to a completed theme.

How To Widgetize Your WordPress Theme

When designing your own WordPress theme to utilise widgets your sidebar must be widgetized in order for the widgets to appear.

Make a control panel for your wordpress theme

In this article the author is going to show you how you can create a control panel for your theme.

How to create a mobile WordPress theme with jQuery Mobile

jQuery Mobile allows you to easily create mobile websites and web apps. In this tutorial, the author will show you how to create a mobile-optimized WordPress theme.

How to make a translatable WordPress theme

Althought English is the most represented language over the Internet, it is a good thing to think about people who speak other languages and offer them trabslated WordPress theme. In this step-by-step tutorial, you’ll learn how to take a WordPress theme and make it translatable for any language.

Blank/Naked WordPress Themes Perfect for Development

How to Disassemble a Free WordPress Theme Series

This series of articles will be focused on breaking down an existing free WordPress theme and will pay particular attention to the design of the theme throughout the series. After breaking down everything, this series will focus on adding more features and improving the design of the WordPress theme. For example, topics that will be covered are creating and integrating a variety of plugins, scripts, and redesigning parts of the theme to make it even better.




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