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Interesting Infographics About the Crisis from Greece

Greece’s total debt is 360 billion, and calculated that this would mean 180 trucks brimming with 100 euro banknotes. The portal writes that EU borrowed Greece 36.5 trucks, banks from Europe – with 94 trucks, and the rest of the world – with 49, 5 trucks.

This is Greece’s entire government debt. It sure sucks if they would actually have to physically transport it. Instead they can do it for a $40 wire fee.

100 euro bill:

10.000 euros:

1.000.000 euros

100 million euros. Approximately the size of the bonuses that CEO’s of big banks during the financial crisis.

2 billion euros. Greece’s budget deficit is €24,125,000,000. So Greece will need to borrow 12 of these trucks this year full of €100 Euro bills in order not to bankrupt.

360 billion euros – the total dept:


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