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Identify all the fonts you like in a library for free

Imagine that you can identify all the fonts you like in a library for free.

Would that be awesome?


If yes, continue to read this article.


This is what you will learn to do.


It doesn’t matter why you want to identify fonts:


– This is your hobby.


– You collect fonts.


– You search a font for the book you are writing and you are about to publish.


– Curiosity


– Font addict


With the solution I will soon tell you about, you can easily identify fonts from images, for free, without registering, and without sharing you payment details.


Font identifier


To identify fonts from images, you will use a web tool named WhatFontIs.

Here are some key facts about WhatFontIs:


– Over 2 million unique users each month.


– The biggest database of fonts – over 840,000.


– It identifies both free and paid fonts.


– WhatFontIs works with Google Fonts too, and all the other major font foundries.


– For each identified font, the web tool will help you with 60 free and paid font alternatives.


– Under 60 seconds complete font identification process.


– 100% free to use, no matter how many fonts you like to identify each day.


– You keep your contact details; they won’t ask you to share them.


– High accuracy when identifying fonts.


WhatFontIs was built to be a winner in the font identification industry, and it is.


What is again great is that the team behind WhatFontIs continually improves the software and adds useful features.


Have in mind that for just $39 a year, you can upgrade to the premium plan and get rid of ads and filter fonts by price and foundry.


If you choose to become a PRO user, you will also get access to the PRO support feature.


It is called support, but it is actually a huge hand of help that you will get when you want to identify a font and you cannot do it by yourself.


How to identify all the fonts you like in a library for free


At this point you know that you will use WhatFontIs, and that is free.


You will also need your smartphone and internet connection.


Head over to your preferred library, browse books and decide which fonts you would like to identify.


Photography all these fonts.


Now start with the first photography.


Upload it to


If needed, optimize the picture and optimize it so the font identifier software can easily identify the text you want.


The next step is to insert in boxes, the letters that WhatFontIs identified.


You will write just a few letters.


Next step is where you get all the information you need:


– Font name

– Free or paid + price

– Download link

– Bonus – 60 free and paid font alternatives – this is super useful when you find fonts that you like super much but they are more expensive than you are willing to pay.


So that is all, as you see font identification from any image is simple ,straightforward, and quick.


Have in mind that WhatFontIs will help you identify fonts from any image, not just books.


You can photography T-shirts, buses, billboards, newspapers, magazines, and even websites.


The only important thing is to get a clear picture of the font you like.


That is all.




Identifying fonts is now simpler than ever, and it is highly accurate.


Use WhatFontIs to identify all the fonts you like, no matter where you see them.


100% free to use and no registration needed.


What can be better?


Nothing, trust me.