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How To Recover Deleted Photos With Disk Drill

Photography and video have become an important part of our life: a beautiful sunset, selfies with friends, photos of our beloved pet, – a modern person takes pics constantly. Many people take pictures even several times a day, and unfortunately, there is not always enough memory for everything, so you have to delete unsuccessful or old photos. It may happen that you accidentally delete a photo that means much to you. How to return the lost one? Keep on reading to find out everything about the deleted photo recovery. We’ll try to explain as clearly as possible and in detail how to recover lost photos quickly and effectively.

Does “Delete” Means Lose Photos Forever?

In order to understand how to recover deleted images, you need to know what happens in our smartphone after deleting the material. It’s necessary to dispel the stereotype that deletion means loss forever, the files still don’t completely disappear. They are simply transferred in the form of images to a separate system folder, which is regularly overwritten and updated.

This happens not only with snapshots, but also message calls and information about games, the operation of programs are also transferred to this folder. But not everything is as simple as it would seem. The information will completely disappear over time, so it is worthwhile to restore deleted photos since in the future it’ll be more difficult to do.

If you take a smartphone based on the Android OS, then on such devices there is a synchronization function with several Google programs that automatically save photos not only on the device but also on the server. The Google Photos program will help you recover, but it only works if you set up your smartphone for such cloud backup, then soon you can restore pictures from the basket, which is the easiest way for many users to understand. First, check all possible ways to recover deleted photos and choose the one that fits you most.

Is It Possible to Restore Photos on Your Own?


Recovering deleted photos is not an easy process, especially for the person who is going to do it for the first time. If you are new to this business, you should be patient. To begin with, it is worth installing special photo recovery softwarebut be prepared for the fact that some utilities for recovering deleted files will be paid. That’s why you’re recommended to choose Disk Drill software (free).

This tool uses a complex approach to photo recovery, which guarantees a positive result.  One of the benefits of this software is that it can find even photos you lost a long time ago. Disk Drill supports all popular photo formats, including such as PNG, JPG, RAW, etc. If you are using a free option, then, you’ll be able to restore up to 100 MB. So, what steps should you make to get photos back?

Everything is as easy as ABC. Just follow the instructions below:

– Download and install the program;
– Run Disk Drill;
– Choose the necessary type of scanning;
– Control the process of search (you can sort out files, filter them according to the photo size).
– While looking through the files, choose those you’d like to recover.

Check out a video tutorial here:

Don’t get upset if quick scanning turned out to be unsuccessful. Disk Drill has two options, one of which is Deep Scan with the guaranteed result. Thanks to this function, you can find the lost files whenever they are. This type of scanning takes more time but it brings the desired results.

The good news is that Disk Drill software can be used, regardless of the device where the lost photos are. It can help to recover files from your smartphone, computer, USB, etc. Have you just deleted photos accidentally? Don’t waste valuable time and hurry up to download popular software Disk Drill, which has helped a thousand people get their lost files back within minutes.



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