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How To Design The Perfect Website

A website is an important entity for every individual and organization. The Internet is one of the most commonly used tools in the modern work and home environment, making it the best place to be seen by your target audience. The website is nothing but your office on the Internet – an advertisement that stays on permanently. You want that web presence to portray your brand’s image and that means, getting the right balance of design and functionality.

So what do you need to create the perfect website design?

A Clear Brief

Without knowing exactly what the client is asking for, creating any form of design is useless! You need to spend a great deal of time in understanding the client, understanding their business, their values, their image and, most of all, their audience. You need to identify all these elements and create a picture in your head – a picture that helps you create the perfect website.


It is important to know what the websites needs to do. It is, though, more important to know what it doesn’t need to do. Removing unnecessary clutter and making a clean & clear website, that does the job, is the ideal website. That said, clean and clear doesn’t mean that the design needs to be minimalistic. It merely means that the functionality should be to-the-point or direct!

Use Intuition

One of the biggest mistakes website designers make is to undermine the value of intuition. You may create the most incredible landing pages in human history but if the user doesn’t know what to do next, your website just missed the entire point. On your website, the user must just know, without any signage, about what they need to do to move through the website.

Crisp & Sharp

While these attributes might be hard to describe in tangible terms, there is a sense of clarity that comes when you see a website that is built right. This means, using pleasant colour schemes, interesting fonts and eye-catching imagery. This also means, ensuring that the client’s brand image stands out more than anything else on the scene!

Good Content

No matter how good your website looks, keeping people coming in requires you to ensure that your content is meaningful. Not only does it aid your search engine rankings, it keeps people interested and gives them something more than just a visual treat.

Add Credibility

Now, while it may seem an obvious or direct result to the work you are putting in, but design helps create credibility. If you are looking to create something that matters to the target audience and doesn’t just take up cyber space for no reason, then your design needs to add credibility or value to the client’s brand. As long as you are adding something and not keeping things the same, or taking things away, you can guarantee that your website design will be beneficial to those who own the website as well as those who visit it.

Creating a website requires careful planning because it isn’t about simply making everything look good. Functionality is a very important part of website design and if you are looking at creating the perfect balance, then you will always end up with the perfect website!


Bogdan is the founder of Top Design Magazine. You can find him in Bucharest-Romania so next time you want to drink a beer there and talk about web and stuff, give him a message.