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How iPad Saves A Freelancer’s Time And Money

I love my iPad. I love it so much that I almost wish I was a robot so we could marry and have little iPod minis. I love it so much that I would rather curl up with it then a favorite book. I love it so much…well, you get the picture.

Having bought this little modern marvel a few months ago, I have since become addicted. It isn’t the first time; I am a frequent technology addict, and have had similar reactions to my Kindle, my old MP3 player, and even my Walkman back in the day. It is all about entertainment and convenience for me, and with each new advancement I find myself a little more blown away. Not to mention a bit more dependent on my devices.

It is for that reason that you can probably guess that I am a little bit biased. Of course I am going to say that my iPad is incredible and has a million uses I never dreamed of. But believe me when I say that I am genuinely surprised to find that it actually helps me in my writing.

Before you start rolling your eyes, fix them on these ways that I swear it has managed to help me improve on my craft. You might find yourself using your iPad (or equivalent device) in the same way.

It Helps Me Find Content (Free Discovery Tool!)

Part of being a writer – at least in my niche – is keeping up with current events and managing content. I can do this on my computer, but it takes more of my personal time. I have found that finding content during other moments, such as while I am riding the bus or sitting in a waiting room, cuts my work time by about a fourth.

Happily, there are a number of apps I can use to this purpose. They also tend to allow bookmarking for easy access later, so I can just find what I need, read about it or do further research, and then write when I get home.

The Wall Street Journal app is one of my favorites. I write for several business blogs, and the WSJ is one of my biggest resources. It is also the source I most frequently link back to or quote. Checking out their daily addition is a great way to pass the time and get info I will need later on.

Another great one is Reeder. Iit works by collecting all of my RSS feeds, as well as other news apps. This lets me go through all of them at once, which is super easy and efficient. No more hoping from one to the other and opening endless tabs on my laptop. It is all in one place for me to enjoy.

I Can Use It To Read

They always say that the best way to become a better writer is by reading yourself. The better the literature you enjoy, the more improvement you will see when you pen your own stories. I have found this to be true, and I have always been a big reader. It is a habit that was wonderfully covered by my Kindle.

The iPad is compatible with Kindle software, which means I can use it for that. I can also use it for other files from the library, book sites and public domain sites. They even have a way to highlight and save text from various files.

I Can Take Notes

I have carried a notebook and pen with me for years, everywhere I go. I keep another one next to my bed, another on my desk, one in the kitchen and one in each bathroom. Everyone in my family knows that my notebooks are never to be touched, and that I use them to jot down ideas, information or observations.

The iPad is great for taking notes, and that makes it convenient when I am out and have it on me. Even more so because I can look up info related to it right then and there, or even start writing on the iPad itself. There are several apps that can help with that.

The one that I use is Penultimate. It is a touch sensitive app that lets you write on it with a stylus in the same way you would a conventional notebook. I can make different ones for different reasons and projects, and they can be emailed for easy access back on my computer. I am always scribbling things to myself.


Beyond being useful, an iPad is just fun. From reading to watching movies, or even playing games or messing with apps, there are a million uses. But for a writer, and especially a freelancer, it is so helpful that I am wondering what I did before I had one. I am so impressed that I will be getting one for my husband in a couple of months, even though he insists he wouldn’t know what to do with one…I said the same thing, and look at me.

If you are going to get one, don’t worry about getting the newest version or the highest storage model. Just go with what you are likely to use, and what is in your budget. Hitting up an older model is a good way to save some cash, especially whenever an update is slated to be released.


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