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How Feature-Rich Adobe Photoshop CS5 Is?

With changing website designing trends, many website designers have been clamoring for tools that could not just simplify their designing task but save them hours of time. By Adobe’s grace, they got Photoshop. Resultantly, mutated designing fashion has been the chief reason that Adobe launched its variegated versions of Photoshop and now CS 5, after CS 4. Many still wonder about the features that have been added to this verdant Photoshop version.

Creative Suite is a classic collection of applications manifold encompassing photo editing, video editing, web development and graphic designing. CS 5 being the most recent one, includes the best and enhanced technologies when compared to previous version, CS 4. To elaborate, there are 14 features that are improved (present in CS 4) while rest 18 are introduced new.

Web experts have been comparing the two versions and have declared that CS 5 will bring a revolution in web designing industry. Strangely, CS5 itself is segregated into different editions such as CS 5 Design Standard, CS 5 Design Premium, CS 5 Web Premium, CS 5 Production Premium and CS 5 Master Collection. Nevertheless, there are few significant features in Adobe Photoshop CS 5 arsenal that has made it extremely popular among designing artists.

Content-Aware Fill

For those who’ve been using Photoshop must be aware about Content-Aware Healing feature that allows photoshop to determine the entire content of the image and thus help in repairing or removing the unwanted area.

Content-Aware Fill is no different but still contra distinctive. Though both have the same functionality; however what makes it different from Content Aware-Healing is the fact that it removes larger and more complex image details by filling up the left space. It provides the ability to repair multiple images area at the same time. This ground-breaking feature matches well with the tone & lightening to give image an original look.
Puppet Warp

It is one of the most-talked about feature in Photshop CS 5. Similar to Liquify Filter, Puppet Wrap is wonderful for designers using Photoshop for image bending, twisting or retouching images. It functions by placing a mesh over an image. By pinning the image, designers can ensure absolute control over the movement or make sure that there is no movement at all. Allowing warping or repositioning any image element, Puppet Warp helps in creating natural effects through simple reshaping of the image to extreme distortion in a more intuitive manner.

Adobe Eazel Painting App For iPad

This is one of the most intriguing features that have been added in CS 5. Using Adobe Eazel painting App for iPad, creative designers can now create wonderful paintings using fingertips. The breakthrough painting technology allows them to get realistic color blends with ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ paint. It is a great experience to paint freely using iPad screen as the canvas. By placing all the five fingers over the screen, design artists can access the controls for changing brush size, color, capacity and other settings. The surprising part is painting can be send to Photoshop CS 5 for high-resolution rendering and can be saved easily in desired format.

HDR Imaging

Using this feature, designers are facilitated to create superior, surreal, high dynamic range (HDR) images with an exceptional control, speed and accuracy. The automatic ghost removal and unprecedented tone mapping as well as tweak control allow designers to produce great outcomes.

Complex Selections Made Easy

This intuitive Photoshop CS5 tool help designers to derive great results when selecting complex image elements such as thin threads or hair. Typically it is used for removal of background color from the edges of selected area. It offers superior edge detection and masking results in the shortest time duration.

Raw Image Processing

It is an extended feature available in Photoshop CS 5. Raw Image Processing allows plug-in for Camera Raw 6 to eliminate image noise while maintaining the fact that color and details are preserved. For more organic look, website designers can add grains to the photos. This helps in selecting, sorting, annotating and thus editing raw images speedily, efficiently.

It is the exclusivity of CS 5 features against CS4 that made it designers perfect designing tools. So check out all of them and share your experiences.

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