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Get ready for Halloween: 50 Awesome Pumpkin Carvings

Trick or treat! Halloween is just around the corner, more exactly on 31st of October so you’d better prepare your pumpkins. Start early, think of a drawing that is uber awesome so that all your friends will be jealous of you. Below is a list of 50 examples of pumpkins from which you can inspire, so have fun!

Star Wars Pumpkins

Death Star Pumpkins

Darth Vader Pumpkins

Darth Maul Pumpkins

Imperial Stormtrooper Pumpkins

Master Yoda Pumpkins

Luke Skywalker Pumpkins

Horror Movies Pumpkins

Psycho Pumpkins

Predator Pumpkins

The Exorcist Pumpkins

Nightmare on Elm Street Pumpkins

Chucky Pumpkins

Dracula Pumpkins

Geek Pumpkins

Cartoons Pumpkins

31st of October


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