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Flyer Designs That Will Inspire You

Despite the fact that nowadays we spend most of our time online and our lives have changed to keep pace with the new digital era, there are still a number of advertisement strategies carried out in print media. It’s highly unlikely you’ve never been on the receiving end of a flyer campaign. From a marketing point of view, using flyer advertising assures that the client will have at least a 1% return, given that the fliers are intelligently designed and adequately distributed.

When using such an approach for an advertising campaign, the client can better track the results by incorporating a discount or unique code into the flyer. By gathering statistics this way, a client and his advertising team can have a sense of what they did right and what they did wrong. Using this information, future campaigns can be better aimed at their target groups and the percentage of return can be improved.

But, before you worry about all of that, you have to make sure that the flyer you put out there is good enough to represent your business. Always remember that a flyer has a limited amount of space that you can use in order to get your message across and don’t try to cram too much information into it. Also, keep in mind that the design has to be attractive to the particular age group, profession or gender you’re targeting.

In a way, designing a flyer isn’t very different from designing a websites. In both cases you have to be very careful about the way you display your information and always think about how to best catch the viewer’s eye. Granted, the end goal of a flyer is very different from that of a website, still, there’s  a great deal of ingeniously designed flyers that can prove to be a good source of inspiration to web designers.

Here’s a list of some of the most creative 16 flyers out there that can kick your inspiration up in gear.

Attitude Flyer – displays elegant fonts and a vintage look that fit in perfectly well with the interior design business being advertised.




Chameleon Candy Factory Flyer – this flyer has a fun design that clearly makes its point to viewers.



Workshops – it conveys an appropriate amount of information using bright colours and creative design.



Quem sou eu? Who Am I? This flyer uses its whole space intelligently, by creating an intricate web of pipes on both sides to illustrate the person’s own timeline in life. While on the front, these pipes are almost bare, on the back of the flyer we can see a detailed map of what defines a person, from the most important traits of their personality, to favorite bands, relationships or prizes won in competitions.


Encore Club – yes, it’s loud and out there, but it’s exactly as a flyer for a club should be. This design is a very good example of how being bold with colours and lines can serve to attract customers if used for an appropriate line of business.



Lovejoy Music & Event Flyer – The simple and minimal design of this flyer instantly attracts attention. It’s sleek and elegant and it conveys information in an interesting and effective way.


Drop Inn Hostel has a perfect example of a flyer that is amusing and playful and engages the receiver in a very attractive way.



Sketch City Flyer – this flyer uses nicely executed sketches to advertise a Sketch Festival. Enough said.



Old Skull. Little Rude Girl Flyer – This is a perfect example of how you can manage to put out a lot of information in your flyer without losing any points on artistry and appeal.



Blackout Flyer – uses bold typography and creative design to showcase information in an interesting way.


Morph – shows a flyer that provokes the imagination and is instantly memorable.



Sexy Black Party Flyer – the flyer is exactly how the party promises to be, sexy, black and memorable.



Adobe User Group XL – is a very good example of creating a flyer that will appeal perfectly to your target group. The design is clean and flawless and the mascot adds a whimsical note to the end result.


ADCN Flyer – uses a small number of high contrast colours to create a very cool 2D effect that is all the more impressive as it stands out in our current 3D obsessed visual trend.



Node10 Flyer – uses simple and attractive graphics that fit in nicely with the business being advertised.



Club Fusion Dance Attack – this flyer sends its message effortlessly and it’s instantly memorable.



I hope that by now you’ve come to understand just how successful an advertising campaign can be when its flyers are designed with care and no small amount of imagination. Try and use the same tactics when creating a look for the next website you’ll work on and see how well it turns out.



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