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Flat Design – The Newest Trend Exposed in 30 Amazing Examples

Thankfully, the evolution of web design passed over skeuomorphism and now is heading to a much simple and cleaner look, so more useless pixels, 3D buttons or heavy loaded content. Nowadays, the trend in web design and also in the overall design is getting down to basics. This means showing exactly what the viewer needs to see but in a mixture of minimalism and modern design.
This is called flat design and is getting widespread extremely fast in the design community because it’s being supported by important designers such as Jonathan Ive. The main features of flat design are solid colors, sharp lines, clean typography and clear images.

Using a flat design in your work will greatly enhance not only the usability but also the user experience because the user or the viewer won’t spend his time visually removing unnecessary details from your work. The presence of solid colors and sharp lines helps delimiting areas from your design, therefore you can divide various zones more easily. For example you can set the focus on the header while keeping the rest of the content in a secondary stage but without making it unnoticeable for the viewer.

Flat design is gorgeous and I think that every designer should adopt it. So, if you are looking for some flat design examples from which you can get some inspiration, then you should check out the examples below.

Sales web tool

30. flat design

Foundry Hiring openings page

29. flat design

Contact App Concept

28. flat design

Market App

27. flat design


26. flat design

POIfox App Login

25. flat design


24. flat design

Widget landing page

23. flat design

Calendar App

22. flat design


21. flat design

Zellbox Web Concept

20. flat design

Simple concept of list

19. flat design


18. flat design

Cubito Home Page

17. flat design

Geckoboard App

16. flat design

Weather App

15. flat design

Item Detail

14. flat design

Flat Dashboard

13. flat design

20 Life

12. flat design

Prague Barcamp

11. flat design

Music Player

10. flat design

Skype Concept

9. flat design

Wallmob Card Reader App

8. flat design

Flatlist User Style

7. flat design

Simple search

6. flat design


5. flat design

Musix app

4. flat design

Webapp Dashboard

3. flat design

Google+ Grid

1. flat design

IOS Flat app design

2. flat design


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