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Factors Web Designers Need to Focus Upon to Enhance Site Usability

When we talk about the level of usability in the field of graphic designing then it refers to the mode of interface that a user will have with a certain website. Since, graphic designing deals with painting your ideas on the canvas of web using bright colors and catchy words supported by talking images, it is always important to take care of usability. Any website, big or small takes equal effort but the difference lies in cost according to the length of the project. More time and manpower you will consume the more cost it will take.

Before you build your website, do keep in mind all positive and negative factors that can come into your way while doing your job. Try covering them by addressing the needs of the users that you target. You can have your website with multi functioning features and detailed design that can attract diversified users. You can also have a simpler version of website where images and words play a simple role.

This choice will depend upon your market analysis exercise, as how you determine the strongest population bench mark hitting any website.  In either way, you must bear in your mind that what is the requirement of user who is hitting into your web site. The website must accommodate the needs of users from different areas. This can then become the success of your project in every manner. This article entails a few steps through which you can better focus on usability as being a web designer:

1. Take an Actual User Test

Your website should not be an illusionary imaging place. It should talk for real users. Catering for the thoughts of their minds, it should have some thing for day to day I and you type people. Just to check whether it attracts a wider spectrum of visitors, you can try having an actual user test. Their feedback can guide you to some further betterment.

2. Be Simple and Clear in Visuals and Pages

Since you might not want the users to get lost in whelm of flipping tabs after tabs. You better concentrate on having simple and easy to follow steps for user in order to go through the web site.

3. Arrive and Thrive Phenomena

You can always magnetize the users by alluring them to your website through offers and images that play to offer a lot.  There might be some accident or error arrivals, try catching their needs even through an error happening so that a user who first steps in your website can stick to it to explore more of his interest.

4.  Display Your Design Structure

Whenever we are new to a city, a site map always helps us get to the right and desired places in our journey. In the same way you can display your design structure strategically to give the user a comfortable zone where he can easily survey around.

To have a more professionally build website, you can go through these steps thoroughly and start making your project. In addition to the above, you should avoid images that can irritate you as a viewer and keep testing your website by posting usability tests frequently. With a contact menu on your page, the visitor will never forget to leave a remark that you asked for.  This way you can enjoy a structured feature through proper usability. Hosting plays vital role in maintaining your online identity, so be selective in this case as well. Whether you choose cheap hosting or a dedicated one make sure that you are going for the best web hosting company in order to offer a hassle free smooth online experience to users coming to visit your website.


Bogdan is the founder of Top Design Magazine. You can find him in Bucharest-Romania so next time you want to drink a beer there and talk about web and stuff, give him a message.