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Creating Video For Your Blog: All You Need To Know


Blogs are getting more and more sophisticated by the day. As blogging becomes a real profession, with the more successful becoming global superstars, more and more of us are trying to take that next step to put our content on the map.


For the most part that is done through the integration of video. Vlogging is thething to do these days, whether you’re discussing fashion, politics or even sport, but it isn’t as easy as it looks.


There are some key aspects and techniques of using video that separate the wheat from the chaff, with one of the most important things being using the right editing software.


We tend to have a habit of over complicating video edits, but as a blogger our edits should be kept incredibly simple.


There are a large number of video editors on the market, and while you may think a top of the range video editor will enhance your videos, they may also mean you think far too much about your video blog, detaching it from its original message.


It’s always best check out reviews of video editors before purchasing. They’re a significant investment so reading up on the likes of will help you make a decision.


From there you can then start to think about style. Taking inspiration from successful blogs is always a wise move. Analyse how your favourite bloggers work with video, and don’t necessarily replicate but note down the key components of what makes their video good and implement them into your own work.


Simple editing techniques are always useful and a simple video editor will allow you to practice L Cuts and J Cuts, which will likely be your most common methods of editing alongside a simple cut.


They offer something a little different to the basic straight cut. An L Cut is a method which allows you to keep the audio from the previous scene moving, while switching shots with the video. This is a good technique when reviewing products, allowing to shift from a shot of you discussing a product to close ups and shots of the product while you’re still talking.


A J Cut is ultimately the reverse of this, hearing a switch in audio before the video cuts. This is often used during interviews, although does generally lend itself to most types of video.


These methods allow you to progress your video much quicker and easier than using straight cuts or more complex ones, allowing you to tell your story while showing visual at the same time.


It’s a good way to refresh your blog and reach a wider audience. Approximately 90% of internet users watch video content every month, with it expected that 82% of all web traffic to come from video by 2020.


It only takes simple steps to get your video blog underway, and once content is created it can be shared much easier across multiple platforms in comparison to simply sharing a text based blog.


There are many tips on how you can implement video within your blog here, so there really is no reason to give it a go.


So, what you’re waiting for, take a look for a video editor, work on your vlogging and you never know, this time next year global superstardom could be on the horizon.


Bogdan is the founder of Top Design Magazine. You can find him in Bucharest-Romania so next time you want to drink a beer there and talk about web and stuff, give him a message.