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Common Sense in Web Design? Sadly Not For Everyone

Everyday I’m seeing hundreds of websites, looking for the most creative and innovative designs, so imagine that not everything is made from honey. Sometimes you stumble on things that should not be said, designs that should not exist and bad graphic decisions which must be virtually burned in lava.  I must confess that I’m not the greatest designer and my best artistic skill is to draw a square on a math paper, but I do have a good pair of eyes and I know what should you, the designer, must do in order to develop something amazing. That’s why people are looking to work with me.

So if you feel offended by this article, please stop reading it. The main purpose of these examples is to make everyone aware that not all of us can be designers and if you want to create a website, please….please let the professionals do it. If you don’t have common sense people will laugh at you and your site will go down in the pit of the internet hell. Probably your business and your reputation also.

If you are the owner of one of more of these sites ( I hope to God you don’t own more than one of this horrible things), then take my words as a critic point of view and hire someone to remake it. Fast.

This website was made for something related to various languages but the owner seems to be very indecisive so he added things like Shrek jumping over Donkey, flowers, army squirrels, Russian things like passports and old people ( I didn’t knew that there are old people in Russia). Everything in a great soup of awesome graphics, psychedelic .gifs  and tables. Actually you can learn something from this site, but not another language. You’ll learn how to master the skill of the screaming eye.

This website belongs to a foto-video studio. Owned by a cobra kobra. Made from gold. This is the best place to bring you kid if he doesn’t cooperate when you want to make a photo of him. Great quality, I love the fonts and also the shadows from the pseudo-header. Also the logo is fantastic. It’s like “I heard that you like cobras so I put a cobra inside your cobra logo! You’ve been pimped!”

I think this website belongs to some sort of a clinic because of the big cross that moves like a zombie on dope. Probably this is their logo because it’s almost bigger than the menu. Speaking of the menu, I like the Aztec look. Hmm..not.

This thing ( I can’t call it a website) is something strange about something also strange. Probably the webmaster is an expert on something based on 3 letters: LSD. I can’t figure out the main purpose of the site and also why is there an angel juggling with his aura.

Thanks to the title we can figure out that this site is about vintage jewelry. Probably the design is also vintage, but much older than the products from those categories. I guess it’s from the Dark Ages. I also love the menu – it has 49 categories. Yup…49.

No thanks, I don’t want to go in a place where there are sweden-german mutants. I like the background; it is very…optimistic.

Holly god…

Uncle Sam on steroids. Just like the site.

Comparing it with the previous examples, this site is pretty decent. But still…

HTML Guru…how ironic.

I’ll rather steal a car while calling the cops and ask them the maximum jail time, than actually rent a car from this site.

Green sushi. Also…beer? Are you sure?  Also, they say that they provide a “sexy dining experience that titillates every one of your senses” and then you’ll see an image with a family eating together.

I think this is the first time I’m seeing a website with not one, but two logos, and to make it even more interesting, they are very unrelated: a sewing machine and an eagle.

These guy are offering computer assistance. Please, stop and seek for urgent assistance. From a designer. Even from a blind designer.

This site is for students. What kind of students? Some related to the Adams family? By the way: 29 buttons on the homepage and a great tip: Press F11 to see the website on full page.

This is the homepage of porthole. Everything with a “hole” in it should be very closely monitored. Please close this hole because my browser can’t handle the pressure.

This my friend is the king of the web. Look at him how happy he is, and also check out his crib. The king welcomes you on a superb soundtrack and he’s offering you custom websites starting at $99. A good deal, I’m telling you.

Long live the King but even more, Bobby Rock! This is his cyber universe and you must be very careful or else he will crush you with that purple color.


Bogdan is the founder of Top Design Magazine. You can find him in Bucharest-Romania so next time you want to drink a beer there and talk about web and stuff, give him a message.