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Building a Beginner’s Confidence in Web Design

In the world of website design there are beginners, experts and the somewhere-in-between.  Experts generally build websites using HTML code and computer languages while the beginner designer will have to rely on a content management system.  If you are an expert designer, then you already know how to build a website.  If you are a beginner, then even the simple concept of a content management system may be foreign to you.  The purpose of this article is to build confidence in beginners who are hesitant to build a website due to unchallenged beliefs that the process is too difficult, too complicated or too sophisticated.

Content Management Systems

Content management systems essentially bring beginner designers a simple way of building a website without any prior knowledge of any coding or computer languages. Contrary to popular belief, a beginner can build a website using a content management system that is comparable to that of an expert who builds one using code.  Beginners looking to experiment with content management systems can choose from a variety of open source platforms including WordPress, Drupal and Joomla!

Interestingly, even expert web designers are turning to these types of software programs to boost creativity.  In addition to all the normal functions, beginners and experts alike can use web design software to create anything and everything from interactive fireworks to complicated rollover effects and more. While these features are sure to make a website deliver that wow-factor, web design software also works great for more standard elements such as shopping carts, web graphics and file transfers.

Shopping Carts

Web design software helps designers create professional ecommerce management platforms.  Luxurious and sleek features a designer can add to an ecommerce shopping cart include drag and drop layouts, minimum and maximum order quantity, inventory control, easily customizable designs as well as shipping zones and options.  A professional shopping cart on a website is a great asset in enticing visitors to make a purchase, but it doesn’t take a professional to create one. For example you can use this ecommerce software.

Web Graphics

Professional and amateur photographers use graphic software to enhance photos and turn them into showcases of elegant designs and web art galleries. Beginners can use the same software to create breathtaking photos as well as organize and manage those photos quickly and easily.  Modern image editing and processing tools are surprisingly simple to utilize, helping beginners streamline their photography in tons of fascinating ways.

File Transfers

One new skill most beginners will encounter using an open source content management system is file transfers.  The important thing to know is that file transfer software is best for maneuvering, uploading and downloading files such as images, documents and videos.  The good news is that this skill is easy to master and a few short practice runs should make any beginner an experienced user in no time.


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