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Build the Next Twitter – 7 Great Online Resources For Learning Ruby On Rails

Ruby on Rails  – or simply Rails – is a web application framework that runs on Ruby language. It helps you create web pages and web applications using some of the most well-known design principles such as MVC (mode-view-controller) or DRY(don’t repeat yourself). Despite being a relatively new framework, Rails rapidly became extremely popular among web  developers and huge websites such as Twitter, Github, Scribd, Groupon, Shopify or Hulu are created using Rails.

As of March 2013 it is estimated that a number of 220.000 websites are running under Ruby on Rails so if you want to create a web app that needs to communicate with a database or to extract information from a web server, then you should definitively give RoR a chance. It has an extremely simple syntax and the learning curve is pretty good. In this article you will find seven great places from which you can get a lot of information regarding Ruby on Rails. Everything from tutorials and all the way to virtual classes with real professors, this list is an important starting point for everyone who wants to become a RoR developer.

Learn how to build a simple restaurant review app

1. ruby on rails tutorial

This video tutorial will teach you how to build a simple restaurant review app called “Restaurantly”. You will learn to use HAML, git branching Rails 4, Ruby 2, Twitter login and much more.

Complete Ruby on Rails course for beginners

2. ruby on rails tutorials

This course has a total of nine hours of teaching material. You will start with the basics of RoR such as the control flow, syntax, loops, iterators or data structures. In the end you will learn how to apply your newly learned skills into creating a banking application.

Learn Ruby the hard way

3. learn ruby the hard way

At first, this can sound intimidating because who wants to learn something the hard way? Well, this is not so terrific as it sounds because it will teach you how to program in Ruby just as a beginner needs to learn. You have 52 great exercises that will help you put your newly mastered skills into practice.

Learn ruby with a real teacher

4. learn ruby with a teacher

You learn ruby during a 3 week class in which you and other students will be guided by a professor. hey provide mentorship and office hours to help students get unstuck. Try the 1st week of 3 Weeks Ruby for free by clicking “Start Learning Ruby Today”.

Rails for zombies – An interactive way for learning RoR

5. ruby for zombies

This is one of the most entertaining way for learning Ruby on Rails because it makes programming a fun thing to do. This course requires a basic knowledge of Ruby, so if you have no idea on how to code on RoR then you should skip this course. You will get 6 tasks that you must complete and after each successful step, you will receive some reward points that will help you go further in the course.

The official learning centre for Ruby on Rails

6. official ror learning center

These are the official guides for Ruby on Rails and they will teach you things like how to install Rails, how to create a new Rails application and to use a database. Furthermore, you will learn about the general layout of a Rails application, about the basic principles of MVA and RESTful design and how to quickly generate the starting pieces of a Rails app.

RubyMonk – free interactive Ruby tutorials

7. ruby free tutorials

You’ll find a series of free interactive tutorials will will help you understand and work with Ruby using your browser. The classes are divided according to the skill level: courses and exercises for beginners, intermediates and pros. As a newbie you will learn the basic blocks such as working with objects, methods, strings and so on.


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