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Best Website Builders with Responsive Design

Responsive websites have become one of the major web design trends. This is explained by the growing demand of users for websites that are accessible on any mobile device and in any location, where there is reliable Internet connection. Responsive websites are valued both by their owners and users. Being easy to reach and browse through, they provide lots of benefits at a time. Mobile optimization contributes to more effective traffic growth and makes it possible to manage a website on the go. This feature is very convenient and should not be underestimated in the contemporary digital world.


If you have just decided to create a website of your own, you should make it responsive to win user attention. This task may seem a “mission impossible” for people, who have never been involved in web design. Professional web developers may also find it difficult to deal with website mobile optimization on their own just because this takes extra effort and time. Whatever group of users you belong to, it makes sense to consider the use of website builders as the most effective and  user-friendly web design tools. Let’s review the most popular of them now.



SITE123 is known for its ease of use and convenience. This universal website builder is intuitive and simple for everyone, irrespective of the web design experience and skills. The service allows building different types of websites, including portfolios, business and promo websites, landing pages, eCommerce websites and what not. The process of website creation doesn’t take much time here, while the result is really decent.



SITE123 allows choosing the category your website will belong to. This may be business, art, restaurant and food, photography, portfolio, medicine, sport, fashion and beauty and what not. This depends upon the niche you specialize in. Each category offers up to 10 templates you may choose for further customization. If you are not sure about the choice or just don’t wish to bother with the question, the system will automatically construct the best template that fits your niche most of all. This is quite convenient and time-saving. All the templates are of high quality and can be customized to give your website unique look and stunning functionality.




Apart from the variety of thematic templates, all of which are responsive, SITE123 offers flexible design customization tools. Due to the intuitive dashboard, it’s not difficult to learn how to use the system. If there is anything you don’t understand, the customer support team available 24/7 will help you solve your problems in no time. The availability of the multilingual tool differs SITE 123 from other website builders, making it possible to create several language versions of one and the same website. The service also offers extensive galleries of images and fonts as well as social media integration options and advanced SEO characteristics contributing to better search engine positions of your website.


SITE123 is a universal website builder. This is the major advantage of the system. You can use it to create any website you need, irrespective of its complexity and your web design skills. The system is easy to use and offers intuitive dashboard everyone can explore with ease. It is also quite affordable, with 5 different plans that meet the needs of users.



Ucraft is a website builder, which features superior drag-and-drop functionality. The system works well for all users, irrespective of their web design skills and experience. It allows building different websites with ease and convenience. It has an intuitive dashboard, which is easy to understand and use. Whether you wish to create a business website, a landing page, a portfolio, an online store or any other website type, Ucraft is a decent solution.



Currently, Ucraft has over 50 themes, which are responsive by default. Web designers working for the system keep adding new templates, which is a real benefit for Ucraft  web developers, who launch client projects here. The templates are subdivided into a number of industry-specific thematic categories, which is convenient for users and helps save their time. You can look through the description of any theme you like and even preview it to see the details. Further template customization doesn’t cause any problems as well – so powerful and flexible Ucraft web customization tools are. It’s also possible to use a number of pre-designed thematic blocks and widgets to develop the website structure by dragging these elements and arranging them on a page.  


Ucraft can boast powerful functionality. Apart from a rich template collection and a set of web customization tools, the system also offers a multi language tool, by using which you can create a website with several languages of your choice. There is also a translation option here, which contributes to your further website promotion. What’s more, Ucraft comes with an extensive media and Google fonts library, Logo Maker and a set of widgets, which can be used for multiple purposes. The system supports integration with several other services most users need on a regular basis (Google analytics, Intercom, Hotjar etc.).


Ucraft is a decent choice for newbies and professional web designers. People, who have never been involved in website building before, will appreciate an opportunity to launch a quality website with stunning functionality almost in no time. Experienced web design pros, in their turm, will find here lots of valuable features. The system has three plans, one of which is meant for beginners and, thus, is absolutely free. It’s also possible to get a lifetime subscription here to use the system for the unlimited period of time.


IM Creator (XPRS)

IM Creator (XPRS) is a contemporary website builder, which mainly focuses on the needs of business owners and creatives. The system works well, when it comes to launching business websites, portfolios and online stores, but it is also a nice choice for everyone, who has the desire to create any other website type. It can be used by all users with no exceptions at all, even if they have little or no coding skills and expertise.



IM Creator (XPRS) has a rich collection of ready made modern designs. They are subdivided into thematic categories based on the niche specialization. These include landing pages, wedding sites, fashion and creative arts, restaurants, online stores and what not. All in all, there are around 100 templates, all of which are responsive. If you wish to give your website advanced look, you can make use of extra elements like animations effects, fonts, icons, images etc.


IM Creator (XPRS) has an intuitive website editor that allows creating any website structure you need by using the variety of sections of diverse styles, designs and layouts. These sections can be added, edited or deleted with regard to your needs. If you need to build a blog, a portfolio or an eCommerce website, IM Creator (XPRS) will also work well for this purpose. For those users, who wish to manage their website content on the go, the system offers a convenient mobile application.


IM Creator (XPRS) is a decent website builder for everyone, who wants to create websites for personal or business use. The system especially works well for creatives and business owners and it offers special plans to these categories of users. Thus, there is a free plan for creatives, students and non-profit organizations. This plan offers unlimited hosting, absence of ads, individual domain connection and other features. Entrepreneurs, in their turn, may choose between a business plan and the White Label solution, which is also quite affordable and useful for professional web-designers.



Mobirise is a website builder, which notably differs from other web building services. This software is downloadable and it has to be installed before proceeding to the web building process. Mobirise is initially created for people, who have no experience in website building at all, but need personal or business websites created in the shortest time possible. This explains why the system is so simple, convenient and affordable. Professional web designers, in their turn, can also use Mobirise to enhance their web building experience and reach the goals they have set with maximum efficacy.



You won’t find any standard templates in Mobirise. Instead, the system offers numerous thematic blocks, which should be arranged at the page in the required order to give it the structure and layout you need. There are more than 600 thematic blocks in Mobirise. They are available in ten sets, four of which are free. Some of them are sliders, articles, blogs, photo galleries, social media integration options, Google maps etc. You just have to choose the blocks you need for your website and replace the demo content they contain with that of your own. This is simple and convenient.


Mobirise is generally used to launch small business websites, portfolios, promo websites and landing pages. It comes with an intuitive dashboard and a visual editor that allows controlling each stage of the web building process. There is also a panel providing all the block types you can make use of. The system is absolutely free and this is one of its distinctive features. However, you’ll need to pay for hosting and domain name to make your newly-created website accessible on the web. What’s more, you can invest in extra extensions, if there is the need to give your website more advanced look.


Mobirise is a stylish contemporary website builder, which is also very convenient and easy to use. You won’t need any skills or web coding knowledge to create a website of your own. Instead, you should familiarize yourself with the major features of the system and the way it should be used to create the website you need. Absence of paid plans and a rich choice of thematic blocks make the system a nice choice for users, who value quality and functionality.



uKit is a small business website builder, which is so easy to use and convenient that even a user with no coding skills and web design experience at all can create a decent website in several hours only. The system has much to offer web designers as well. It comes with a set of advanced features that can bring your website functionality to the top notch level without any hassle at all!



uKit templates are professional and versatile. They are geared towards the needs of entrepreneurs and come in lots of thematic categories they may choose from. The templates are responsive by default, which is an extra bonus for business owners. You can have a look at the tablet and mobile version of the required template prior to choosing it. Users, who are not satisfied with the ready made template design, can customize it as they need or use a blank template to launch a website with unique design from scratch. This is done by changing and managing widgets, thematic blocks, color palettes, background colors and other elements. This eventually gives your website personal touch.


uKit is a drag-and-drop website builder, which means that you can change the position of blocks when designing a page. It’s possible to duplicate pages to speed up the web building process. Other important and useful features uKit offers include eCommerce and blogging options, interactive widgets, LiveChat options, advanced SEO options as well as integration with some popular services.


uKit is a top choice for non-techies and experienced web designers. This small business website builder allows creating websites, the quality and functionality of which will exceed your expectations. The system is very simple and affordable. It offers four pricing options users may choose from depending upon the business specialization and web design needs. There is no free plan here, but each plan has a free trial version to enable users to test it before making the choice. All in all, the range of features uKit offers, makes it one of the most popular and functional website builders available nowadays.


Bottom Line

There are various website builders with responsive design available in the market these days. They differ in the features, options, pricing policy and other characteristics. Thus, choosing the website builder that will meet your web building needs better than others may be a challenge for inexperienced users as well as for some web designers, who have got used to other web building tools. If you are currently concerned with this choice, consider the website builders reviewed in this post. They are easy and convenient. They ensure decent result with minimum investment of effort and time. These services are definitely worth your trust and attention.


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